JCB's agricultural loadall range

JCB Agricultural Loadalls

Need the right machinery to help you tackle the specific challenges you face on the farm?

JCB’s agricultural loadall range is the answer. With productivity, reliability, and ease of use as pillars of the design process, these machines are ready to work from day one.

With smart hydraulic systems, seat-mounted joysticks, and a lower boom profile than similar competitor models, these machines combine innovation with practicality and power to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency and productivity. 

530-60 AGRISUPER Images

Overview of JCB's agricultural Loadalls

JCB’s agricultural loadalls range from a max lift capacity of 1,400kg to 6000kg and from an engine power of 19hp to 129hp, meaning they’re designed to work across a wide range of agricultural applications.

The 560-80 is the highest capacity agricultural loadall in the range, giving unparalleled capacity for productive and efficient working. Whereas the 514-40 is the most compact, most comfortable, and most hassle-free agriculture telehandler on the market. However, most of our range sits in between these two feats of innovation, delivering consistently reliable, industry-beating power, strength, and durability. 


The world's no. 1 telehandler is now available in its smallest package ever, but with the largest cab in its class. 

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520-40 AGRI

This JCB agri Loadall is compact and manoeuvrable - boasting improved lifting capacity and lift capacity at reach.

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525-60 / AGRI / AGRIPLUS

The JCB 525-60 AGRI PLUS delivers excellent visibility and maneuvrability, versatile performance, potent power and innovation.

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The 530-60 AGRISUPER JCB telehandler agriculture provides big power for small spaces with bigger lift, greater traction, and a more powerful engine. 

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The JCB 542-70 AGRIPRO brings never seen before levels of performance and productivity with more power, torque, speed, flow, and stopping power. 

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532-60 AGRI

The 532-60 AGRI telescopic handler boasts smart hydraulics, superior performance, and efficient design. 

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532-70 AGRI

The 532-70 AGRI Loadall is one of our smallest full-sized agricultural telescopic handlers.

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536-95 AGRI

The JCB 536-95 AGRI telescopic handler is a full sized agricultural Loadall with 9.5m reach.

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538-70 AGRI

The 538-70 Agri is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of agricultural applications.

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538-60 AGRI

The JCB 538-60 AGRI telescopic handler is powered by an efficient DieselMAX engine.

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560-80 AGRI

The 560-80 AGRI is the highest capacity machine in the agricultural loadall range with a massive 6000kg lift capacity.

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The full Agri Loadall fleet


  • 4.8 litre JCB DIESELMAX 109hp (81kW) Stage V engine
  • Gearbox: TORQUELOCK 4 (40kph)
  • Maxtrac axles
  • Power braking systems, SAHR park brake
  • 140 litre per minute, hydraulic variable flow piston pump
  • 7x halogen work lights
  • Air suspension seat with mounted joystick


  • 4.8 litre JCB DIESELMAX 130hp (97kW) Stage V engine
  • Gearbox options: 4 speed Powershift, 6 speed Autoshift, DualTech VT (40kph)
  • Maxtrac axles
  • Power braking systems, SAHR park brake
  • Auto SmoothRide System (SRS)
  • 140 litre per minute, hydraulic variable flow piston pump
  • 7x halogen work lights
  • Air suspension seat with mounted joystick


  • 4.8 litre JCB DieselMAX 150hp (112kW) Stage V engine
  • Gearbox options: 6 speed Autoshift or Dualtech VT (40kph)
  • Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • Power braking systems, SAHR park brake
  • Auto SmoothRide System (SRS)
  • 11x LED work lights
  • 140 litre per minute, hydraulic variable flow piston pump
  • Air suspension seat with mounted joystick
  • Air-conditioned cab


  • 4.8 litre JCB DieselMAX, 173hp (129kW), Stage V engine & HD-PTO
  • Gearbox: Dualtech variable transmission (40kph or 50kph)
  • Heavy-duty JCB axles
  • Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • Front and rear separate, equally biased hydraulic power braking systems (SAHR park brake)
  • 160 litre per minute, hydraulic variable flow piston pump
  • Steer rams (rather than power track rods)
  • New Auto Smooth Ride System (SRS)
  • 11x LED work lights
  • ½ leather, heated and air vented air suspension seat with mounted joystick
  • Air-conditioned cab

Key features of JCB Agri Loadalls

Increased efficiency

With smarter, high-flow rate hydraulic systems, JCB's agricultural telehandlers have been engineered to allow the toughest of power-demanding implements to run smoothly and reduce fuel consumption by 15%.

Increased comfort

Our CommandPlus cab provides operators with the best-in-class cab space, noise level and all-round visibility, plus our command driving position.

Increased visibility

JCB Loadall booms improve shoulder level visibility as they're mounted lower in the chassis than similar competitor models, allowing for a more secured structure and greater movement capability.

Increased manoeuvrability

Despite their larger sizing, the JCB agri loadall range is agile and easy to operate with a compact wheelbase, large steering lock angles, and three steer modes to save valuable time on site.

Increased power

Every JCB agri telehandler for sale is equipped with a potent JCB DIESELMAX Stage V engine which produces power and torque at low engine speeds, making it highly responsive to operate.

Increased performance

JCB's own telematics and fleet management system, LiveLink, allows maximum uptime on your machine fleet by enabling you to monitor machine hours, fuel consumption, service and maintenance alerts, and DPF regeneration.

Machine model  Max. lift height  Max. lift capacity  Max. engine power  Max. reach  Travel speed  Operating weight 
 514-40 4,035m  1,400kg  19kW  2.51m  15kph  2,915kg 
520-40  4m  2,000kg  19kW  2.59m  15kph  4,400kg 
 525-60 AGRI/AGRI PLUS  6m  2,500kg  55kW  3.06m  20kph  5,490kg 
530-60 AGRISUPER  6.09m  3,000kg  97kW  3.27m  40kph  6,360kg 
532-60 AGRI  6.22m  3,200kg  97kW  3.33m  40kph  7,920kg 
532-70 AGRI 7m  3,200kg 112kW  3.72m  40kph  8,370kg 
536-95 AGRI 9.49m  3,600kg  112kW  6.55m  40kph  8,820kg 
538-70 AGRI 7m  3,800kg  129kW  3.73m  40kph  8,520kg 
538-60 AGRI  7m  3,800kg  129kW  3.34m  50kph  7,960kg 
 542-70 AGRI PRO 7.04m  4,200kg  129kW  3.71m  50kph 8,840kg
560-80 AGRI 7.9m  6,000kg  129kW  4.48m  40kph  11,790kg 

Discover the best of both worlds - DualTech VT

Introducing the world's first 2-in-1 technology transmission (hydrostatic and powershift) designed specifically for agriculture telehandlers.

Combining the best characteristics of powershift and hydrostatic drives, DualTech VT provides a seamless transition from hydrostatic to powershift for optimum power efficiency in higher speed work.

Developed by JCB's own engineering team, DualTech VT is now available on the AGRISUPER, AGRIXTRA and AGRIPRO models.

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Uncover the advantages of owning a JCB machine

JCB has been producing farm equipment since 1945, when Joseph Cyril Bamford built his first trailer. With our motto “jamais content”, which means we’re never content to settle for less than perfect, we’re always striving to create agricultural machines that can help farmers do more than ever before.

As a result, our brand has become synonymous with quality and world-class innovation, and because we only use the most advanced technology and techniques, are machines are built to stand the test of time.

In addition to our outstanding legacy, our machines also come with our maintenance services to help you run efficiently and minimise downtime. We offer genuine JCB machine parts replacement anywhere in the world within the 24 hours. And our machines all come with JCB LiveLink as standard, to enable you to keep track of your fleet, all in one place.