JCB Defence Products

JCB's involvement with military excavators dates right back to 1984 when we supplied nearly 1,000 410M rough terrain forklifts to the UK MoD. Since then, JCB has supplied over 50 different armed forces with more than 3,500 defence machines.

For military applications, JCB can offer machines from our commercial range (modified and unmodified) and specialised JCB military equipment that offer high levels of mobility and protection.

As the world's number one choice in both JCB military backhoes and JCB military telehandlers, as well as a commercial range of over 300 machines, JCB offers a proven solution for excavating, earthmoving and materials handling equipment. 

Our specialised military JCB vehicles have been used in the toughest environments on operations around the world, where the levels of mobility and protection have been tested and proven by several armed forces.

Commercial Off The Shelf Equipment

JCB’s market-leading military construction equipment is ideal for a variety of purposes, such as excavation, earth moving, and materials handling.

Military Off The Shelf Equipment

By taking JCB’s proven solutions and adding military enhancements, JCB can offer unparalleled MOTS defence equipment.

Bespoke Military Equipment

Made to order, JCB’s bespoke military vehicles have been tested and perfected to provide high levels of protection whilst delivering performance.