Waste and Recycling

JCB has a wide range of machines that have proven invaluable in waste management operations. They all offer customers a safe and versatile solution for handling various materials efficiently, from loading and unloading refuse containers, to sorting recyclables and transporting waste materials.


Wheel Loading Shovels

The JCB 437 and 457 Wastemasters range is part of our Wheel Loading Shovel range and are a trusted solution by waste management operations all over the world; boasting excellent efficiency, durability, and versatility. With a high lift capacity and specialised waste handling attachments, they excel at performing many strenuous tasks.


The JCB Telescopic Wheel Loader range is invaluable in waste management. Boasting the exceptional performance of a wheel loading shovel with the added versatility of a telescopic boom. Their manoeuvrability and compact designs allow for easy navigation in waste management facilities, while their robust capabilities ensure reliable performance even in demanding environments. These highly versatile machines are also compatible with a wide range of attachments, providing an excellent solution for handling a variety of materials.


The high lift capacity and specialised waste features of the JCB Telehandler Wastemaster range enable efficient handling of bulky waste materials, increasing productivity and streamlining operations across all recycling centres, landfills and waste management facilities.


The JCB Teletruk range is a versatile solution for waste and recycling operations, providing efficient and precise material handling capabilities. With its innovative telescopic boom design, the Teletruk offers unmatched forward reach and visibility, allowing operators to easily manoeuvre in tight spaces and access hard-to-reach areas. Equipped with a variety of attachments such as forks, grapples, and waste buckets, the Teletruk maximises productivity in many waste and recycling tasks.


The JCB excavator range is a tough, reliable choice for waste and recycling operations, providing versatile and powerful machines for various tasks. With advanced features such as unique high-rise cabs offering unrivalled visibility and a wide range of attachments, they are ideal for material handling, sorting, and loading. With options for both wheeled and tracked machines, the JCB excavator range offers flexibility and manoeuvrability to suit different job site requirements in demanding waste management environments.