Government & Municipalities OEM Solutions

Having worked alongside governments and municipalities across the world to create innovative machinery that serves their needs, at JCB we have a unique understanding of the distinct challenges they face.

As a result, our efficient and reliable engines have powered equipment that helps with daily maintenance of local sites and their surrounding areas, making them a key aspect of all day-to-day activity.

The high durability of JCB Powertrain products allows for consistent workload, supported by high torque and back up features. Furthermore, with its compact design, these products save space in any application, while also delivering market-leading fuel consumption. 

While there are many municipalities’ applications suitable for this engine, one of the most prominent is the road sweeper – relied on to keep local areas clean and clear day after day.


JCB Powertrain provides a supply of all the components required for a complete OEM drivetrain solution, including the engine, axles, transmission, and integrated drivelines.

JCB’s complete powertrain system packages:

  • A bespoke package for each application, offering a complete solution.
  • Fully integrated powertrain system providing serious efficiency.
  • Leverages JCB’s extensive experience in off-highway machines and proven technology
  • Robust, heavy-duty components proven in JCB machines. 
  • Full Engineering support from concept through installation for the entire package
  • One point of contact for all integration support, engineering knowledge and servicing requirements

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