JCB INTELLISENSE: The future of site safety

JCB INTELLISENSE is one part of JCB's machine automation brand, INTELLITECH.

This innovative technology improves driver awareness of what's around the vehicle and significantly reduces the number of incidents on site by alerting operators of pedestrians in areas of risk using construction AI cameras.

Compatible with the JCB 540-140 and 535-125 construction telehandlers, JCB INTELLISENSE helps to protect both workers and pedestrians using AI cameras and telematics. Meaning your operators can keep working without interruption, enhancing your fleet's productivity and efficiency.


How INTELLISENSE keeps your site safe

INTELLISENSE uses innovative technology termed Pedestrian AI to detect human presence around both sides and the rear of an operating machine.

But how do AI cameras work? Importantly, they can differentiate between humans and static objects to prevent excessive alerting and provide an accurate solution that operators can trust. 

It does this using telehandler cameras which provide real-time visual awareness with a high-definition image. As well as audible in-cab alerts to warn the operator of the potential pedestrians close by. There's also an external speaker which is fitted to provide automated alerts to pedestrians at risk.


INTELLISENSE has been designed to integrate seamlessly with JCB's own telematics and fleet management system, JCB LiveLink.

JCB LiveLink is an innovative telematics solution that gives you the capacity to remotely manage your entire fleet and take a proactive approach to machine maintenance, all in one place. LiveLink provides a clear view of all machines in your fleet at all times, with real-time alerts and accurate monitoring to notify you of any safety issues.

Combined with JCB INTELLISENSE, LiveLink means that fleet managers can be aware of even more machine alerts, without wasting hours travelling around work sites and manually inspecting machines. As well as sharing alerts, INTELLISENSE also logs every incident that occurs - meaning users can then analyse this data to make on-site improvements, keeping drivers and pedestrians safer.

Exclusively compatible with the JCB 540-140 and 535-125

JCB INTELLISENSE is currently exclusively compatible with the JCB 540-140 and 535-125 HI-VIZ construction telehandler.

The JCB-540-140 is a full-sized 3-or-4-stage Loadall with a max reach of 9.7m, 4000kg lift capacity, 13.78m lift height and great mobility with 55kW engine power and 29kph engine speed. 

The 540-140 and 535-125 HI-VIZ already has a low boom pivot point that means the machine provides class-leading visibility. However, combine this with the automated JCB INTELLISENSE, and you’ve got one of the safest machines on the market. 



Machine vision cameras provide immediate visual alerts in real-time and auditory in-cab warnings, enabling operators to make a quick response.
Advanced AI technology can differentiate between humans and static objects, meaning operators can rely on the accurate detection of hazards.
Leverage data from JCB LiveLink to enable you to make ongoing safety improvements.
Minimise downtime and maintain a seamless workflow by preventing accidents.
JCB INTELLISENSE gives both operators and fleet managers increased awareness and provides clarity for on-site incidents. The in-built camera covers a massive 270 degrees around the machine, giving the operator improved visibility. Additionally, INTELLISENSE is accessible via any device. 

JCB INTELLITECH: Innovation is what we do

At JCB, we understand the importance of developing machinery that's imbued with the latest technology and innovations - to empower you to achieve the very greatest levels of performance and productivity.

That’s why we’ve continued to innovate and push the boundaries with our new machine automation brand, INTELLITECH, including INTELLISENSE and the pioneering INTELLIWEIGH load cell weighing system. Because, in a rapidly changing world, we understand the importance of efficiency, simplifying complex tasks and saving money. 

As a result, this new range demonstrates our deep understanding of the ever evolving demands of agriculture and the needs of our customers who are constantly on the lookout for the best solutions available.