Winter Maintenance

JCB's winter maintenance product range provides municipalities with reliable, durable and bespoke solutions for snow clearing, ice management, road maintenance and more during harsh winter conditions. They offer total peace of mind when dealing with extreme environments.

winter 2020

Fastrac iCON

The JCB Fastrac iCON is an excellent option for winter maintenance operations, offering municipalities a versatile and efficient solution for keeping roads and public spaces safe during the coldest months. Available with travel speeds of up to 60kph, advanced iCON technology and features such as intelligent GPS guidance and highly configurable application systems, it ensures accurate and effective deployment of de-icing agents and road treatments. Its robust design and powerful engine provide reliable performance even in harsh winter conditions, for clearing snow, ice and debris. With the JCB Fastrac iCON, municipalities can quickly enhance road safety and minimise disruptions caused by winter weather, ensuring smooth and reliable transportation for residents.

Wheel Loading Shovels

JCB Wheel Loading Shovels are essential tools for winter maintenance, enabling municipalities to efficiently clear roads, pathways and public spaces. With their powerful engines and robust construction, they can clear heavy loads of snow and ice with ease, as well as loading other equipment such as salt gritters, speeding up the clearance process and ensuring safer road conditions. Equipped with features such as heated cabs and industry leading transition technology, JCB Wheel Loading Shovels offer operators comfort and control, even in the harshest weather. 


The JCB Telehandler range plays a vital role in winter maintenance duties to combat many cold weather challenges. These machines are ideal for tasks like loading winter maintenance trucks, material handling at height and infrastructure upkeep during the long winter months. With their sturdy structures, powerful engines and versatile attachments, JCB Telehandlers effortlessly manage heavy loads at heights due to their high capacity telescopic booms making them a great choice for your winter maintenance needs.