Landscaping, Ground Care & Forestry

JCB offers a variety of machines tailored to Landscaping, Ground Care and Forestry. With powerful performance and specialised features ideally suited to tasks such as land preparation, ground clearance and mulching, they are perfectly adapted to helping local authorities enhance green spaces and maintain public areas.

25Z application photography (Landscaping, utilities house development)

Fastrac iCON

The JCB Fastrac iCON offers revolutionary in-cab technology and unmatched versatility, providing the ultimate tool to tackle landscaping and forestry jobs, from clearing ditches and mowing verges to trimming hedgerows and chipping wood. With its ability to seamlessly integrate with various attachments, such as mulchers, grapples, and soil tillers, whilst travelling at 60kph, the Fastrac iCON maximises productivity and delivers exceptional results across a diverse range of applications.


The JCB Hydradig is a great choice for landscaping and forestry tasks with unrivalled visibility and a wide range of attachments, from rock saws to forestry grapples. This enables it to offer unparalleled versatility, making it ideal for numerous tasks such as ditch clearing, mowing, excavating and material handling. In addition, all service points are at ground level for easy machine maintenance.

Mini Excavators

JCB Mini Excavators are versatile machines, making them ideal for many landscaping and ground care applications; from creating flower beds, installing irrigation systems, or shaping terrain features. Their compact size and manoeuvrability make them perfect for navigating tight spaces and delicate terrain, allowing for precise excavation, grading, and trenching tasks. With a range from 1 to 10 tonnes including models ideal for trailer towing, JCB Mini Excavators deliver efficiency and precision for any jobs. 

Skid Steer Loaders

The JCB Skid Steer Loader range is a safe and versatile solution for both landscaping and forestry applications, offering the flexibility and power needed to tackle a variety of tasks with precision and efficiency. These compact machines are perfect for jobs such as clearing bush, moving logs and maintaining trails, to enhance open spaces and woodlands, utilising a wide range of attachments available, including buckets, grapples, and mulchers. The JCB Skid Steer Loader range offers unrivalled safety thanks to its unique side-entry door.  Combining versatility, safety, and a compact design; this range of machines can meet the diverse demands of landscaping and forestry projects with ease.

Wheel Loading Shovels

The JCB Wheel Loading Shovel range can offer a vital role in landscaping and forestry work, providing the power and efficiency needed to handle a variety of tasks with ease. Our compact machines are ideal for urban landscaping projects in parks and public spaces; whilst the large Wheel Loading Shovels provide the power and performance for heavy-duty forestry work. Whether it's loading mulch, clearing debris, or moving logs, these reliable and robust machines prove indispensable.