Light up your site: JCB work lights and beacons for every machine

Time is of the essence in construction, so when visibility drops, you need reliable work lights and beacons to keep you working.

JCB is lighting your way with a range of over 100 work lights and 50 protective beacons – almost all of which are universal to fit on a host of different machines and models. Whether you’re looking for LED or Non- LED work lights, Close range or long range, or different lumen capacity, Amber or green beacon, 3 point or magnetic mounting beacon base, we have a revolutionary solution to suit everyday tasks, specialist applications or anything in-between.

JS175W Wheeled Excavator Application image

The benefits of JCB branding

You rely on JCB machinery for productivity, safety and performance, so you can expect exactly the same from our work lights. Incorporating the latest in LED technology, our products are transforming sites across the globe – extending visibility further than ever before.

When you go off grid, you can rely on JCB work lights and beacons. The comprehensive range includes a solution for every job, with options in a variety of brightnesses and lamp types. LED work lights provide a white light source with high energy efficiency and illumination – or choose other non LED machine work lights with other versatile and durable benefits for different applications. And depending on how much illumination you need, our work lights range from 500 to 3,800 lumens for varying intensity. This wide variety means there’s an option to accommodate every site’s needs.

Lighting the distance

We’ve designed each product in the range with productivity in mind, guaranteeing maximum visibility to make sure you get the job done effectively.

  • Tried and tested- Every single one of our lights is thoroughly tested in working conditions on JCB machines. On and off-road, we guarantee every product delivers optimum visibility and durability – and all meet relevant local legislation. 
  • Attach and go- Our work lights and beacons are built for JCB machines, so you can be sure of easy fitting, simple replacement and reduced downtime. 
  • All-weather workers- Every JCB product is designed to the highest specification to light the way through the toughest, coldest weather conditions. Waterproof work lights are essential, so our range is fully IP rated to guarantee protection against rain and dust. 

Beacons of protection

Keeping everyone safe on site is the most important aspect of construction, so our range includes a selection of red beacons, amber beacons and green beacons to instantly communicate safety status.

The JCB Beacon: compatible with hundreds of JCB models, our LED beacons and non-LED vehicle beacons are easily attached to different machines to warn everyone of their approach.

JCB work lights and beacons in action

These shots capture the true power of JCB work lights to show you how they’ll illuminate your site.

Whichever model you operate, and whatever your application, you can rely on JCB work lights and beacons to light the way and keep everyone on site safe. Contact your local dealer to order your lights and find out more about the best options for your equipment.

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