Rough Terrain Forklifts

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JCB rough terrain forklifts are a reliable, comfortable, versatile and easy-to-use solution for any challenging rehandling environment.

What is a rough terrain forklift?

A rough terrain forklift, or all-terrain forklift, is a piece of equipment that's been specifically designed to work outdoors, often on uneven surfaces, as opposed to those used inside a factory or warehouse.

This means off road forklifts are built with durability in mind, with strong traction to provide stability on unstable terrains.

Introducing the JCB RTFL Stage V Range

Just the job for Construction industries

The RTFL Industry Plus and Industry Pro have been designed to thrive in even the most demanding of construction applications.

These off road forklifts have a 55kW Stage V engine - which offers up to 8% less fuel consumption than other models.

If you're looking for the efficiency, performance, safety and support you need to get any job done to the highest standard, look no further.

Benefits of a Rough Terrain Forklift

You may be looking for off road forklifts hire, but there are many benefits to opting for off road forklifts for sale. Owning your own JCB RTFL Stage V means:

  • Reliability - the high levels of durability means long service intervals and maximum uptime for machines.
  • Comfort - the Industry Plus and Industry Pro models have features like comfortable cabs, air conditioning, and manoeuvrable seating options to make a full shift feel easy.
  • Safety - with additional features like operator presence sensing and a hydraulic isolation switch, drivers will always use the RTFL safely and securely.
  • Versatility - an off-road forklift allows you to move between sites and surfaces with ease, including rocky areas, debris-filled construction sites and rugged surfaces, always providing the strength you need.
  • Flexibility - no matter the weight of the materials you need moving, the innovative transmission system provides fast directional changes and superb traction.