Cold Planer

Cutting Depth mm
Up to 127
Cutting Width mm
305 - 1020
Flow Demand

Patch Planer

Cutting Depth mm
Up to 127
Up to 350 mm
45 - 80 l/min

Patch Planers

JCB Attachments offer a range of planers to suit your Skid Steer loader and Backhoe loader machines.

Discover the range below.

Cold Planer Application

Cold Planer

The JCB Cold Planers available for Skid Steer and Backhoe machines. All models feature protective shields for hydraulics and electrics to reduce the risk of damage.

  • Independent self-levelling depth adjustment plates allow for precise lapping cuts and taper cuts
  • Hardened solid steel wheels with recessed greasers provide smooth travel with less rolling resistance
  • Angled spoil guard wheel design prevents wheels from riding over milling; providing more force to the planing action and maintaining control over depth of cut

Patch Planer

The JCB patch planers allow the operator to mill out pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Planning precision is guaranteed thanks to a maximum drum depth of 120 mm.

  • Supplied ready to use fitted with a set of asphalt picks, hanger bracket, hoses and couplings.
  • Up to 350 mm drum width.
  • 2 models offered with 36 and 42 replaceable picks.
  • Visual aids on the attachments indicate drum width and centre to the operator.