The best of both worlds with DualTech VT

DualTech VT is the world’s first and only 2 in 1 variable transmission (hydrostatic and powershift), available on the AGRISUPER, AGRIXTRA and AGRIPRO models.

Providing a seamless transition from hydrostatic to powershift modules, DualTech VT enables precise low-speed manoeuvring control and smooth, progressive response for loading and handling cycles. For exceptional efficiency and productivity - 20% over equivalent competitor telehandlers.

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What is hydrostatic transmission?

The hydrostatic drive module of the DualTech VT machine transmission uses an electronically controlled hydraulic pump and motor combination to provide fast response, fine speed adjustment and infinitely variable working speeds up to 19-22kph.

What is powershift transmission?

When an Agri Loadall's speed exceeds 19-22kph, whether in the field or on the road, the DualTech VT automatically switches to its powershift system. This uses direct mechanical drive gears to shift smoothly up to a true 50kph speed.

DualTech Benefits

The AGRIPRO's DualTech VT automatically switches over from hydrostatic to Powershift allowing the operator to experience the best of the hydrostatic module's smooth directional changes as well as the effortless roading capabilities of the Powershift module.
By combining the low-speed controllability and easy driving characteristics of hydrostatics with the higher speed efficiency of direct drive powershift, a DualTech VT agri Loadall is up to a massive 20% more productive than competitive telehandlers.
Eco mode puts a 1,700rpm ceiling on engine revs in working gears, which changes the engine's power delivery characteristics and initiates earlier up-shifts to reduce fuel consumption by more than 5% across an average telehandler duty cycle.
On acceleration beyond 19-22kph, DualTech VT automatically switches to the powershift module. With no torque converter needed, direct mechanical drive in each gear makes the most of available torque to deliver quick acceleration, strong hill climbing ability and the impetus to maintain speed on inclines.

DualTech Features

Hydrostatic transmission up to speeds of 19-22kph provides the driver with fine, stepless speed control, high tractive effort, smooth forward reverse shuttle, infinitely variable speed control and reduced foot brake usage when working in the yard or field.

Additionally, the hydrostatic module is optimised for low-speed response and controllability. As a result, it is quiet and smooth, as well as responsive and power efficient.

For higher speeds or travelling on the road (from 20kph* to 40kph), there are three direct drive mechanical gears. Making the most of the 145hp (108kW) JCB DieselMAX engine, these telehandler transmission gears optimise power efficiency in higher speed work (dependant on whether eco or power mode is selected).
Using the power setting, operators can exploit full engine revs and power output in both hydrostatic and powershift drive to get jobs done quickly. Using the economy setting, operators can take advantage of the 1,700rpm ceiling on engine revs in working gears to reduce fuel consumption.

Flexi mode allows engine speed and ground speed to be controlled independently on a full-size Loadall. It provides an additional drive mode when a relatively high engine speed is needed for rehandling or to maintain hydraulic oil flow to a powered attachment such as a straw spreader and feeder bucket.

In drive mode, acceleration influences both hydrostatic output and engine speed, with the control electronics balancing the two according to the driver's demands. Precision inching is available through the brake pedal - initial movement progressively disengages hydrostatic drive, giving the operator total control when pushing into a stockpile with no wear and tear on the brakes.

Available on three agricultural Loadalls

DualTech VT transmission is available on the SUPER, XTRA and PRO models.

   Max. Lift Height   Max Lift Capacity   Max. Engine Power   Max. Reach   Travel Speed   Operating Weight 
 530-60 AGRISUPER 6.09m 3,000kg  97kW  3.27m  40kph 6,360kg 
532-60 AGRISUPER 6.22m  3,200kg   125hp (93kW) 3.33m  40kph  7,520kg 
532-70 AGRISUPER / AGRIXTRA  7m  3,200kg  130hp (97kW)
150hp (112kW)
3.72m 40kph   8,370kg 
536-95 AGRISUPER / AGRIXTRA 9.49m 3,600kg  130hp (97kW)
150hp (112kW)
5.09m 40kph  8,820kg
538-60 AGRISUPER / AGRIXTRA / PRO  6.23m 3,800kg 

130hp (97kW) 
150hp (112kW) 
173hp (129kW) 

3.34m  50kph  7,960kg 
 538-70 AGRI SUPER / AGRIXTRA  7.01m  3,800kg  130hp (97kW)
150hp (112kW)
3.73m  40kph   8,520kg 
542-70 AGRI SUPER / AGRIXTRA / AGRIPRO 7.01m  4,200kg 130hp (97kW)
150hp (112kW)
173hp (129kW) 
3.71m  50kph   8,840kg
560-80 AGRIXTRA 7.9m   6,000kg 150hp (112kW)  4.48m 40kph   11,790kg

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