Durability ready for extremes. Enhanced crew protection.

Made to order, our bespoke military JCB vehicles have been deployed in the toughest environments on operations around the world. Their levels of winterisation, mobility, and protection have been tested and proven in all conditions.



JCB’s high speed military backhoe loader provides trustworthy crew protection with varying levels of armour, including applique armour, internal spall liner, and bar armour.

  • A top speed of 88.5kph allows the HMEE to travel at convoy speed and, along with air-portability and a wading depth of 1m, provides effective cross-country mobility.
  • HMEE can be deployed anywhere in the world and is supported by the JCB Global Dealer Network.
  • Designed to run on standard commercial diesel fuel as well as kerosene-based fuels such as JP8 and NATO F34.
  • Specification can begin with an A-KIT - an unprotected machine. The B-KIT offers a protected cabin with applique and transparent armour, whilst a C-KIT offers a Theatre Entry Standard with enhanced protection.


After four years of development and thousands of hours of extreme testing, JCB now offers an extremely durable military telehandler. Compatible with a full line of commercial attachments to complete a variety of jobs and certified for use with military fuels and lubricants.

  • In military trim, JCB telehandlers are ideally suited for loading and unloading containers or transport vehicles.
  • JCB LCRTF can be equipped with CARC and IRR paint and can wade in water up to 75cm without preparation. The LCRTF has lifting and tie-down points and can be underslung from a CH-47 Chinook or transported inside a C-130 Hercules.
  • The JCB military equipment components are built to last and routine replacements are available from distribution centres and dealers in JCB’s worldwide network.


JCB's bespoke engineering provides the opportunity for JCB military vehicles to adapt to various environments and situations.

  • Winterisation packages allow for maximum uptime during extreme operations.
  • Adaptions enable machines to operate in extreme temperatures, down to -40°C and up to +49°C. 
  • Select machines have the capability to wade in depths of up to 1.5 metres plus further splash.
  • On amphibious machines all electrical components are suitably located, ensuring the longevity of the machine’s lifespan.


JCB’s military equipment have tie-down and lifting points that can be strengthened to permit transportation efficiently via air.

  • HMEE has the capability of being transported inside a C17 without any preparation and a C130 with minimal preparation.
  • Both HMEE and LCRTF are certified for low velocity air drop (LVAD).
  • Other machines within the JCB range can be modified to allow for additional air transport capability.

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