JCB's proven Defence Equipment. Excavation, Earthmoving, Material Handling.

JCB’s unmatched machinery performance backed up by market-leading technology results in these best in class military construction vehicles. 

From backhoe loaders to electric powered engines, this range of Commercial off the Shelf military vehicles is suitable for the toughest environments. 

Backhoe Loader Stage V digging


From one man in a garage to a major global brand, JCB is not only the market-leading provider but is in many cases the originator of pioneering construction equipment.

  • After inventing the backhoe loader concept 70 years ago, JCB is constantly innovating, meaning the world’s best-selling backhoe loader just got even better. 
  • From Agriculture to Construction, Power Generation and Access, JCB machines are on site in over 150 countries around the globe.
  • JCB is the market leader telescopic handlers, and one in every 3 sold is a JCB.   
  • Always looking for a better way, JCB strives to provide unrivalled innovative solutions for their customers.


JCB manufactures many major machine components, including engines, axles, transmissions, and cabs. This provides interoperability of integrated logistics support (ILS) across commercial and military fleets.

  • Cab Systems is the most advanced and productive cab facility in the world with a computer-controlled production line, fully automated painting facility, and robotic welding.
  • JCB strives to achieve parts commonality across all platforms. The same components customers buy on a Backhoe Loader can be found on JCB's Telescopic Handlers.
  • JCB Remanufacturing enables you to buy remanufactured JCB parts with 'as new' warranty assurance, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Combining availability, responsibility and value for money, JCB Reman is the smart choice. 

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With a total of 650 dealers across the globe and over 2,400 dealer depots covering 6 continents, JCB delivers unmatched customer support.

  • JCB has a combined global warehouse footprint of 2 million square feet, with an inventory of over £160 million.  
  • JCB has 19 World Parts Centres creating a world-renowned support network aiming to achieve 95% parts availability.
  • JCB's World Parts Centres have a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year guarantee with parts being shipped anywhere in the world and received within 24 hours.
  • With Field Service Representatives and Product Support personnel, JCB is always ready.


Maximising efficiency and striving for sustainable solutions, JCB is leading by example in the development of electric and hydrogen (internal combustion engine) powered machines.

  • JCB Diesel engines today pollute 98% less particulate matter and NOx than engines manufactured in 2000.
  • Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is available as a drop-in fuel for a wide range of JCB engines and can lower carbon emissions, if an environmentally sustainable supply can be assured.
  • JCB's market-leading E-TECH range provides a zero-emission solution to combat net-zero targets.
  • JCB has now fitted a prototype Backhoe Loader with JCB's own hydrogen combustion engine, with full capability of achieving everything a diesel-powered equivalent can.

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  • Building a greener future: Hydrogen

    Building a greener future: Hydrogen

    Innovation. That's what JCB has been delivering for over 75 years. Now we're working on hydrogen combustion engines, so that our agricultural and construction machinery can be net zero on carbon emissions.

  • HVO. Everything you need to know.

    HVO. Everything you need to know.

    There are various questions surrounding HVO that need clarification. Is it safe? Can I use it in my equipment? What are the benefits? Find all the answers you need to make an informed decision.

  • JCB Electric Range

    JCB Electric Range

    JCB’s pioneering range of machines are 100% electric with zero emissions, zero compromise on performance and a lot less noise.

  • Sustainable Solutions

    Looking after the planet we help to shape. Our journey to make our business and our machines more sustainable is something we’re proud of.

  • Road to Zero

    It was always our intention to build our own diesel engines and that dream became a reality in 2004. From then on, it was all about continuous improvement and making our engines as fuel-efficient as possible, while reducing harmful emissions.