They may be smaller than other machines in the range, but JCB dumpsters are invaluable to construction sites anywhere.

Our compact mini dumpster models have JCB's signature ingenuity built-in - designed to save you time, energy and money with a host of innovative features. Each model has the capacity to hold 500kg of materials, so these dumpsters move more to get the job done faster. And thanks to a maximum  tip height of 2.72 metres, they reach higher to areas other machines can't - making them the ideal skip loader.

Step on, fill up and boost onsite productivity with JCB track dumpsters. 

A need for two speeds

The HTD-5 dumpster is fitted with a reliable 4.5kW Kohler engine and new and improved track motors, allowing for intuitive 2-speed tracking.

Choose the lower speed for extra precision and control, then turn it up a notch for travelling. It's all to give you a more productive dumpster.

Electric dumper power

At JCB, we're committed to building a greener future.

That's why we've created a complete range of 100% electric models across our smaller products like the electric dumpster. This zero-emissions model can be used indoors and at night - making it the ideal choice for urban, low-noise environments or tunneling applications.

The dumpsters you can rely on

Like all our machines, our dumpsters are renowned for reliability, serviceability and safety - and the JCB name is synonymous with world-leading support services too.

LiveLink gives you access to everything you need to keep track of an entire fleet of machines - and our global network can deliver 95% of all replacement parts within 24 hours.