How wide is a mini digger?

Just like the weight, the width of a mini digger varies dependent on each different model. Plus, we offer extendable tracks, so the width also changes dependent on whether the tracks are retracted or extended. 

If you're wondering 'How wide is a mini digger 0.5 tonne?' or are interested in the width of any other size of machine, find the information you need in the table below.

Model  Width over tracks - Retracted (mm)  Width over tracks - Extended (mm) 

8008 CTS
A mini but mighty machine delivering high performance in the most restricted areas.

700  865
8010 CTS
It's a small machine with a big reputation for performance in rear gardens and buildings. 
700 1,000
A lightweight, conventional tailswing model designed for towing.
980 1,330
A compact excavator with zero tailswing, ideal for working in tight places. 
980 1,330 
Greater tearout and lift capacity in an equally compact model.
980 1,330
The industry's first fully electric mini excavator with zero emissions at the point of use.
980 1,330 
8025 ZTS
A mid-sized mini excavator with the added safety of ZTS zero tailswing.
1,502 1,502
8026 CTS
Taking the power and productivity of the 8025 and making several key improvements.
1,502 1,502 
A new generation 3.5T compact excavator with zero tailswing for work in confined spaces. 
1,750 1,750

Another New Generation machine with conventional tailswing for greater stability and lifting capacity. 

1,550 1,550 
The tough-to-beat 5 tonne machine that's more comfortable and cost effective.
1,950 1,950
Another rugged 5-tonne machine with zero tailswing for safe manoeuvrability.
1,950 1,950
A 6-tonne conventional tailswing machine with no AdBlue or EGR system.
1,950 1,950
A new generation mini excavator, boasting the Stage V engine for enhanced performance.
2,300 2,300
The 9-tonne midi excavator designed to provide ultimate productivity on any job.
2,300 2,300
JCB's biggest midi excavator providing the ultimate in quality, reliability and durability.
2,300  2,300
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