8025 zts mini excavator

Choosing a compact excavator just got tougher.

The JCB 8025 ZTS LC mid-sized mini excavator offers everything that a conventional tailswing does; with the added safety of ZTS zero tail swing.

A_MINI_8025_1 [3:2] Excavating housing site


The 8025 with it's 1.5l engine offers impressive tearout forces and high levels of tractive effort and tracking speeds.

  • Excellent digging performance giving impressive tearout forces and high levels of tractive effort.
  • ZTS offers more manoeuvrability especially in confined spaces.
  • The powerful 'Maxi'Lift' dozer can effortlessly lift the machine to gain extra load over height. 
  • The 8025 is light enough to be towed behind a 3500kg towing capacity vehicle. 


The 8025 mini excavator offer true zero tailswing and recognises the need for ever more compact machines that still deliver speed, power and productivity.

  • Durable heavy-duty H-frame undercarriage combines durability with confidence inspiring stability.
  • Simple design and durable components ensures reliability is built in. 
  • A sloped track frame helps to prevent dirt build up. 
  • Excavator hoses are routed on top of the boom to give maximum protection against damage. 


JCB has always been at the forefront of site safety and provides innovative ways to improve it. The 8025 ZTS offers safety as first priority, to the owner, operator, bystanders and the machine itself.

  • The cab is fully ROPS and TOPS compliant.
  • Optional boom and cab worklights guards protect vunerabvle components in hazardous applications. 
  • True ZTS design provides greater safety by reducing risk of impact in tight workspaces. 
  • 500 hour service intervals.



Zero tailswing mini excavator cabs are traditionally cramped workplaces. However, JCB’s range is unique in offering a spacious, comfortable operator environment.

  • The 8025 offers a spacious, comfortable operator environment.
  • Efficient heating system allows you to obtain the most comfortable temperature. 
  • Minimum vibration levels. 
  • Excellent levels of visibility from the working position. 


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