19C-1E Electric Mini Excavator

Choose zero emissions.

Introducing JCB E-TECH, a new generation of electric products with zero emissions at point of use. The new 19C-1E is the first of the electric generation and the industry’s first fully electric mini excavator.

MINI ETECH 19C-1E (3x2)



The 19C-1E has maintenance free batteries, needs minimal daily checks and requires less servicing, saving rental companies, hirers and owner operators time and money.

  • No engine and associated items significantly reduce servicing time and equipment.
  • No need for emissions extraction saves on wages and equipment.
  • No engine liquids to check saves you time and money.
  • Electricity is a lot cheaper than fossil fuel.


The 19C-1E gives you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime with quick charging and long battery life.

  • The machine’s 4 battery pack lets you work for 5 hours on a standard application (equivalent to a full day).
  • 3 charging options: 110V, 230V and 415V let you get to work when and where it suits.
  • Keep check of the battery status via a gauge on the instrument panel.


The 19C-1E has low noise levels, making it ideal for urban areas and indoor working, allowing better communication with co-workers.

  • Noise at the operator station is a huge 10 dB less than the diesel version.
  • Allows for ‘out-of-hours’ working, to maximise time on site and speed up the job.
  • The 19C-1E is fitted with a blue light indicator to show the machine is running.
  • Three single flanged bottom rollers allied with short pitch tracks ensure a quiet, smooth ride.


The 19C-1E is safer for the environment, operators and bystanders, making it ideal for indoor working and urban areas.

  • Zero emissions and low noise levels make for safer working conditions.
  • The 19C-1E operates completely free of any trailing tethers.
  • JCB’s unique 2GO system safely isolates all the controls.
  • The canopy is ROPS, TOPS and FOGS certified as standard for full safety compliance.


The JCB 19C-1E has been designed and built to withstand the toughest job sites with long lasting components for minimum downtime.

  • 100% steel bodywork for maximum protection and easy repair.
  • The electrical circuit has been extensively tested and every detail checked to maximise longevity.
  • Full width rear cast counterweight gives full protection against site damage.
  • Extending undercarriage beams constructed from 25mm solid steel plate.


The 19C-1E has various charging cable solutions to suit your application. These options are available for you to choose at point of purchase.

  • Both single phase and three phase charging solution available.

The 4 battery pack will last for the equivalent to a full day's work, subject to the type of job.

The on board charger gives a 20-80% charge time of 10.5 hours from a 110V supply or 5 hours from a 240V supply. The fast charge option has a charging time from empty of 2.5 hours from a 415V supply.

The batteries can be charged with a 110V yellow industrial socket, with the option of a 230V industrial 3 pin blue socket; specified upon time of order.
Even after 2000 full charge and discharge cycles (expected to be over 10 years) the batteries still have over 85% of their capacity left.
The machine shares the same structure, canopy, dig end, hydraulics and controls as the diesel and performs in exactly the same way. The only change is that the power pack changes from a diesel to electric.
If the machine is left on, but not working, the battery will run down at a very low rate to conserve power and last 120 hours before recharging.
The batteries cannot be easily stolen as they sit deep within the structure of the machine, it would take several hours to remove.
The machine is completely stand alone and free of tethers to improve safety on site and eliminate trip hazards.
There is no maintenance required on the battery packs at all and daily checks are reduced to a minimum; increasing time on site.
The warranty on the machine is 2 years.
The warranty on the batteries is 5 years.

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  • Engineering honour for JCB's new Electric Mini

    JCB’s electric mini excavator honoured with an award recognised as one of the most prestigious in British engineering.

  • First ever JCB Electric Digger launched

    JCB has developed its first ever electric digger in response to customer demands for a zero emissions machine which can work indoors, underground and close to people in urban areas.

  • Charging Solutions

    The E-TECH machine range has various charging cable solutions to suit your application. These options are available for you to choose at point of purchase.