How much does a mini digger weigh?

JCB mini digger weight varies dependent on the model, starting at just under a tonne (950kg) and ranging right up to 9,750kg for the 10-tonne machine. This figure is calculated on operating weight, which is based on the machine carrying a full tank of fuel, a 75kg operator and a standard dozer, dipper and bucket.

More details on the weight of mini diggers can be found in the table below - just click the link to visit the dedicated product page for each model.

Model  Weight (kg) 
8008 CTS  950
8010 CTS 1,110
16C-1 1,639 (canopy) / 1,749 (cab)
18Z-1 1,749 
19C-1 1,830 (canopy) / 1,910 (cab)
19C-1E  1,902 (canopy) / 2,037 (cab)
8025 ZTS 2,860
8026 CTS 2,867
35Z-1 3,556


50Z-2 5,030
56Z-2 5,542
60C-2 5,680
85Z-2 8,300
90Z-2 8,900
100C-2 9,750



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