With a 15% larger cabin, the X Series has been dedicated to increase storage space for a mobile phone, a 1 Litre water bottle, an on-site radio, hard hat, Hi-Vis Jacket, rucksack and has a cool box for the operators lunch.
The X Series provides the option of having lights in all bays to make daily checks easier. With up to 14 work lights fitted, each one of these can be turned off individually from within the cab when needed to help reduce glare on site. Additionally for those working in the late hours, the 'Follow Me Home' feature can be set to 10 minutes to improve operator safety.
With only two daily checks, neither of which on the upper structure. Start-up times are not only faster but also safer. (Daily checks are for washer fluid and track tension).
Owning an X Series machine will reduce the number of filter changes by 23% over a 10,000 hour life. Reducing your total cost of ownership and service time.
The joystick has a custom button that can be set to the operator's preference. This might be to wash the front screen in a dusty quarry or to mute the radio when speaking to ground workers. All without having to let go of the joysticks.
The Quick Hitch Crowd Override allows for efficient attachment changes without need to crowd the attachment, making the process easier and safer on site. Particularly when changing difficult attachments such as forks, breakers, shears and tiltrotators. 
Custom proportional controls puts the control in the operator’s fingertips for flow, smoothness and the ability to latch and hold a service on 10 attachments settings.
The X Series range has a bespoke lifting mode that turns off auto idle, raises the relief pressure and stabilises the hydraulics. Thus providing improved lifting control.
Additional hose burst check valves (HBCV) are optional on the bucket cylinder for use with pallet forks or for additional safety when lifting.
Many machines on site average up to 40% idle which wastes fuel and clocks up hours, reducing the value of the machine. The Engine Auto Stop feature on the X Series allows the option to set the engine to automatically shut down if the controls are inactive after a period of time. Saving the customer money.