JCB 140X tracked excavator

We wanted to design and engineer a small tracked excavator that would emanate our 20 tonne tracked excavator - just in a smaller package.

Introducing the JCB 140X, part of the JCB X Series, our most advanced JCB tracked excavator range ever. Over 4 years, every detail of this world-class excavator was poured over by our team of experts to make sure no stone was left unturned in this pursuit of excellence.

140X LCD Hydraulic Tracked Excavator X Series


We spent thousands of hours developing and testing this machine to its limits and discovered that this machine is more than just an incredibly strong package - it's the real deal.

  • Machine shaker rig testing to replicate 15,000 hours of tracking and vibration.
  • 30,000 window and door operation tests prove component quality.
  • Hot and cold climate testing (55°C to -30°C) in controlled conditions and locations around the world.
  • The JCB 140X DIESELMAX engine has been tested to 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest environments.


You can't expect more from this machine when it comes to comfort - it's the best in the business. Low noise levels, spacious cab, and double cushioned mounts means there's enough to make any operator happy.

  • Spacious JCB 140X CommandPlus cab features an industry-leading Grammer seat as standard.
  • Double cushion viscous mounts helps deliver a low in-cab noise of 67dB(A).
  • Powerful HVAC, with 11 vents, provides optimum performance in hot and cold environments.


We listened to the thousands of customers like you who said they need a machine that will perform in the most extreme conditions. So, we've invested years of research and development to give you just that.

  • Large diameter hydraulic pipes and hoses for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • An innovative hydraulic regeneration system that recycles oil across the cylinders.
  • Auto-stop and auto-idle features help provide additional fuel savings of up to 5%.
  • The larger bucket cylinder increases the bucket tear out by 11%.


Efficient. Controllable. Easy to use. That's what 4 years of hydraulic development combined with proven Japanese components will give you.

  • Customisable proportional controls allow the operator to set their preference of speed and control of attachments.
  • The proven Japanese hydraulics deliver precise and efficient control.
  • The operator can select Auto-Stop and Auto-Idle depending on preference. 


HVO offers the potential for reduced carbon emissions in the short term.

Hydro treated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is available as a drop-in fuel for a wide range of JCB engines and can lower carbon emissions as long as an environmentally sustainable supply can be assured. 

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