Join us at LAMMA 2024


JCB is delighted to be returning to Lamma in January 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham, with over 23 machines on display, showcasing the full agricultural range.

Attracting more than 40,000 visitors, Lamma will take place on the 17th and 18th January 2024. The JCB stand will feature a preview of the new high-power Loadall 560-80 AGRIPRO and the high-lift 542-100 AGRIPRO Loadall, along with showcasing the new compact 530-60 AGRISUPER Loadall and the Teleskid 3TS-8W.

Find out more about the machines we are showcasing below.

530-60 AGRISUPER Images


Ultimate performance and ultimate productivity from the new 560-80 AGRIPRO. Register your interest below.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 6,000kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 7.9m
  • Max. Engine Power: 173hp / 129kW
  • Travel Speed: 40kph

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Lift heavier, lift higher with the new 542-100 AGRIPRO. Register your interest below.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 4,200kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 9.8m
  • Max. Engine Power: 173hp / 129kW
  • Travel Speed: 50kph

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Discover the difference the Fastrac can make to your business with a top speed of up to 70kph, the best powertrain and suspension combination and with iCON operating system, this machine is equipped for a life of hard work.

  • Rated Power: 167hp-335hp
  • Max. Speed: 60kph-70kph
  • Max. Torque: 825Nm-1,450Nm
  • Rear Lift Capcity: 7,000kg-10,000kg
  • Max. Oil Flow: 178 1/min-195 1/min
  • Optional Front Linkage Capacity: 3,500kg

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542-70 AGRIPRO

The impressive new JCB 542-70 AGRIPRO has more power, torque, speed, flow, and stopping power for unparalleled productivity.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 4,200kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 7.04m
  • Max. Engine Power: 129kW
  • Travel Speed: 50kph
  • Operating Weight: 8,840kg

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The world’s No 1 telehandler is now available in it's smallest package ever but with the largest cab in its class.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 1,400kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 4m
  • Max. Engine Power: 25hp / 19kW
  • Travel Speed: 15kph
  • Unladen Weight: 2,700kg

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Big power for small spaces, the new 530-60 AGRISUPER gives you more of everything you need. Bigger lift, greater traction, and a more powerful engine meet the demands of agriculture to maximise productivity.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 3,000kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 6m
  • Max. Engine Power: 130hp / 97kW
  • Travel Speed: 40kph
  • Operating Weight: 6,360kg

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The new JCB 403E electric wheel loader delivers less noise, less maintenance, less vibration, less hassle, and all with less pollution.

  • Payload: 640kg
  • Shovel Capacity: 0.5m³
  • Full Turn Tipping Load: 1,237kg*
  • Operating Weight: 2,729kg
  • Fast Charge Time: 2 hrs
*Standard loader arm, 1480mm wide shovel, and fixed canopy operator station

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JCB’s brand new hydrogen combustion engine - the company’s zero-carbon emissions solution for agricultural equipment exhibiting at Lamma 2024.

JCB have developed the first hydrogen motor in their industry. Using and adapting established engine technology with readily available components, hydrogen is combusted and power is delivered in exactly the same way as a diesel engine.

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The 19C-1E is the first of JCB's electric generation and the industry’s first fully electric mini excavator.

  • Max. Dig Depth: 2.81m
  • Max. Dump Height: 2.81m
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Tailswing: Conventional
  • Operating Weight: 1,902kg

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Reach higher, further and deeper with the Teleskid 3TS-8W, the first skid steer with a telescopic boom. With the highest capacities on the market, this unbeatable machine can access areas you would have never thought possible.

  • SAE Operating Weight: 4,472kg
  • Loader Lift Capacity With Bucket: 5,187Kgf Retracted, 3,708Kgf Extended
  • Dump Height: 2.30m-3.10m
  • Max. Engine Power: 74hp / 55kW
  • Travel Speed: 10.9kph-20kph
  • Lift Path: Vertical/Radial

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Every JCB telehandler is designed to offer superb productivity, and the 525-60 AGRI Loadall is no different. Excellent visibility and manoeuvrability, versatile performance, potent power and innovation-driven efficiency are all part of the package.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 2,500kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 6m
  • Max. Engine Power: 74hp / 55kW
  • Travel Speed: 25kph
  • Operating Weight: 5,490kg

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JCB’s pioneering Powerpacks are the first in a range of energy storage solutions with zero emissions, zero noise, and no compromise on performance providing power wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Power Output: 10kVA-45kVA
  • Storage Capacity:46kWh-69kWh
  • Weight: 665kg-1,700kg
  • Sound Pressure: 0 dBA
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Type: Acoustic

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The 457S is incredibly productive. Delivering 282hp and weighing just over 20 tonnes, it has a power-to-weight ratio of 14hp per tonne, enabling loads more pushing, lifting, climbing and roading performance.

  • Payload: 5,234kg
  • Shovel Capacity: 3.3m3
  • Max. Engine Power: 282hp / 210kW
  • Full Turn Tipping Load: 10,468kg
  • Operating Weight: 19.551kg
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Powershift

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The JCB 435S AGRI has all the power you need. Delivering a massive 252hp of power; up 9.5% on our previous model, and 1186Nm of torque; up 25.5%.

  • Payload: 5,632kg
  • Shovel Capacity: 2.4m3
  • Max. Engine Power: 252hp / 188kW
  • Full Turn Tipping Load: 11,264kg
  • Operating Weight: 15,272kg
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Powershift

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With JCB’s proven DieselMAX 4.8 litre engine delivering an impressive 112kW, a 8-speed powershift transmission with TorqueLock and greatly increased visibility, it’s one powerful and productive machine.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 3,200kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 5.2m
  • Max. Engine Power: 150hp / 112kW
  • Travel Speed: 50kph
  • Operating Weight: 8,142kg

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The argument for buying one just got even more powerful. With JCB’s proven DieselMAX 4.8 litre engine delivering a massive 173hp, a new 8-speed powershift transmission with TorqueLock and greatly increased visibility, it’s our most powerful and productive telescopic wheel loader yet.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 4,100kg
  • Max Lift Height: 5.45m
  • Max. Engine Power: 173hp / 129kW
  • Max. Reach: 3m
  • Travel Speed: 50kph
  • Operating Weight: 9,779kg

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JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions. The JCB 35-22E electric Teletruk is one of the innovative products in JCB E-TECH range, with zero emissions at point of use but no compromise on performance.

  • Max. Lift Capacity: 3,500kg
  • Max. Lift Height: 4m
  • Max. Capacity at 2m Forward Reach: 2,200kg
  • Travel Speed: 18kph
  • Battery Capacity: 18kWh

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