Our E-Tech Powerpack guide

Not all forms of energy storage are created equal. If you’re looking for an electric generator that offers zero emissions and zero noise, with zero compromise on performance, look no further than the JCB Powerpack range. These powerpack generators provide a fully electric mobile power unit in single and three-phase power outputs, with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. 

They’ve also been built with versatility and efficiency in mind, saving you money on fuel costs and service intervals. Charge JCB machinery remotely, use with a diesel generator for hybrid applications for fuel savings of up to 65%, or use in emission-regulated areas where power sources are needed – it’s power, your way. 

Welcome to the future of electric innovation.

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Model 1.25QE 1.50QE 3.50QE 3.75QE 3.100QE
Output voltage (V) 230 230 400 400 400
Total storage capacity (kWh) 23 46 46 69 104
Max depth of discharge (%) 90 90 90 90 90
Continuous output at 25°C (kW) 8 8 36 36 36
Dimensions (mm) 1000 x 1000 x1000 1000 x 1000 x1000 2175 x 1300 x 1800 2175 x 1300 x 1800 2175 x 1300 x 1800
Weight (kg) 530 665 1550 1700 2000


  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Multiple socket connections
  • RCD protection
  • Input & output busbar option
  • Two wire auto-start
  • All steel enclosure
  • Fork pockets
  • Lifting points
  • Colour touchscreen display
  • LiveLink enabled

How E-Tech Powerpacks can be used


How E-Tech Powerpacks can be used
Ensure your event runs without disruption thanks to the power of a silent generator. The E-TECH Powerpack is a mobile generator that provides power with zero noise or emissions, as well as zero maintenance – perfect for a busy event environment. Incorporate onsite solar to extend battery runtime, or add a diesel generator as a standby during higher load periods. Adaptability makes the JCB Powerpack the perfect solution.

Construction site cabins often require varying levels of power throughout the day and night. The E-TECH Powerpack turns the generator off during off-peak times, increasing efficiency and saving you fuel with zero noise and zero emissions. Plus, choosing a zero emissions Powerpack prolongs the time between generator service visits – so it’s better for your wallet.

The benefits of an E-Tech Powerpack

Powerful Synergy


JCB’s LiveLink telematics software shows that generators spend 80% of their time running at less than 30% load – periods that are less efficient, worse for fuel consumption and produce more carbon emissions. The JCB Powerpack powers low-load periods on battery power, ensuring every litre of diesel consumed is the most efficient.

  • Less carbon emissions on site.
  • Less noise produced.
  • Fewer service visits required and a longer-lasting engine.


Choosing emissions compliant generators like JCB’s means you can use green energy sources for charging in a range of applications, in multiple locations.

  • Zero emissions of CO2, NOx, and particulates from point of use.
  • Optional solar input for clean recharging.
  • Works indoors and underground.
  • By turning the diesel generator off during low-load periods and using battery power, carbon emissions onsite are reduced.


The JCB electric Powerpack is a portable silent generator that’s perfect for use in noise-sensitive enviroments – whether that’s out-of-hours, indoors, outdoors, or underground. Increasing comfort and safety for people in surrounding areas.

  • Ideal for overnight power.
  • Suitable for noise sensitive applications.
  • Perfect for events and campsites which require quieter periods.


Our electric Powerpacks offer lower operating costs and maximum uptime, thanks to state of the art inverters and automotive grade lithium-ion technology. With automatic starting and stopping of generators, for hybrid power generation capability, you can experience maximum efficiency.

  • No fluids, no filters, and no routine servicing.
  • Hybridise your generation for fuel and carbon savings. 
  • Solar panel connectivity.


Providing power from 10-45 kVA, all our Powerpacks boast the quality you'd expect from JCB. That means you’ll always have the confidence to deliver the power you need, where you need it.

  • Zero noise.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Zero Compromise. 
  • Hybrid fuel savings.