Get more from less

The 403E wheel loader is all about giving you less... less noise, less maintenance, less vibration, less hassle and less pollution.

A member of the all-electric E-TECH family, this model is a JCB-first in its category - a greener, zero emissions machine that enhances productivity, cost efficiency and operator comfort.

A lot less for your money... and a lot more for you. Explore all the features and benefits of this brand-new model in your complete guide to the 403E.

403E Wheel Loader Product Overview

Cut out for town and country

Developed to meet the needs of the construction and agriculture sectors, the 403E delivers in truly opposing environments.

In the city, its compact size makes it perfect for working indoors, underground or on smaller urban projects - and the almost-silent motors means it's free to operate in noise sensitive areas. And on the farm, its power, productivity and range of attachments means it can take on vital tasks including muck, bale and pallet handling and trailer loading.


Operating weight  2,729kg 
Gross capacity 20kW 
Shovel capacity  0.5m3 
 Full turn tipping load 1,237kg 
 Payload 618kg 

403E in action

See how this model is built to serve the construction and agriculture industries. 

Your questions, answered.

All the benefits from all-electric.

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Is this model better for the environment?

100% electric, the 403E produces zero emissions to eliminate harmful exhaust fumes and pollution.

This reduced carbon footprint doesn't just give you peace of mind - the eco credentials add up to efficiency too. 

Zero emissions mean you can work indoors, which is ideal for farm buildings or other closed off environments.

Is an electric wheel loader more efficient?

With no mechanical diesel engine whirring away, this wheel loader runs almost silently - creating an all-round more productive experience. Peace and quiet means operators are less fatigued and can communicate safely with the people around them, and their machine comes complete with a range of efficient features to speed up the job.

Plus, this machine can be used in a variety of noise sensitive areas - around animals, close to hospitals or schools or at night in built-up environments - so work doesn't have to stop.

  • 20kph travel speed for faster movement on site.
  • Constant 40l/min hydraulic flow to easily power front attachments for greater versatility.
  • A standard hydraulic locking quickhitch to change attachments quickly and easily.
  • 100% differential lock-in front and rear axles to increase traction on muddy ground.
  • Three transmission speeds and two loader work modes allow controlled performance based on the task - conserving the battery by only using the energy it needs. 

Is it comfortable and easy to operate?

An electric motor produces minimal vibration compared to a traditional mechanical engine, enhancing the experience for the operator. A calmer operator environment means less fatigue so the driver can keep going for longer - and we've added a host of features to make this machine even easier to use.

  • Spacious cab designed for greater visibility - making operation safer too.
  • Adjustable tilting steering column for a more comfortable driving position.
  • Ergonomically designed, joystick mounted shuttle switch for easier manoeuvrability and greater control.
  • Measures up at under 2.2m in height and 1.1m in width to access the smallest operating environments.
  • Transport weight of just 2,600kg, making it trailer towable to wherever you need it.

Do you get the same power from an electric wheel loader?

Rest assured there's no compromise from the 403E - you'll get long-lasting power alongside complete convenience and flexibility. Based on a mixed duty cycle, the battery is designed to last a full day's work. And with a range of charging options from an on-board battery charger to a rapid fast charger, you'll always have power to suit your schedule.

Going electric has never been easier.

  • Full charge exceeds 4 hours
  • Rapid charging using 415V three-phase charger: 10% to 80% in 2 hours, or fully charged in 3 hours
  • Conventional (overnight) charge of a 230V household socket: 8 hours
  • On-board battery charger compatible with 110V or 230V chargers
  • Uses the same charging cables as the rest of the E-TECH range for ultimate cross-fleet convenience

403E in action

Climb in and experience a day in the life of the 403E - all on a single charge.

Is the 403E cost-effective to run?

Mechanics need regular maintenance - but when there's no engine, there's nothing to worry about. The lithium-ion battery just keeps on running, so there's no time-consuming daily checks or expensive engine consumables. Under the surface, there's reliable and durable core components.

On top of all of this, your electric wheel loader comes with JCB LiveLink as standard for no extra charge, giving you: 

  • Access to full machine telematics and machine health alerts
  • Visibility of all checks and data
  • Increased uptime and reduced admin
  • Complete control over your entire fleet


Find out more about JCB LiveLink here

The real seal of approval

Customers across the construction and agriculture sectors are already discovering how much more they get from less.