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Our electric forklift product guide.

At JCB, we're leading the way in clean technology with our range of electric-powered forklifts, the JCB Teletruk. 

Built to reduce harmful emissions without compromising on performance, our electric Teletruk models are ideal for work in low-emission zones or indoors - making them a great environmental choice for any business. 

Find out more about the models that make up the unique JCB electric Teletruk range - the world's most versatile counterbalance lift trucks.

ETLT 30-19E Logistics Application Shot



What models are in the electric forklift range?

With a choice of two models in our JCB electric Teletruk forklift range, you can make the most of your time and your space, while contributing to a lower carbon future.

Both models contribute zero emissions and low noise, enabling 24/7 operation in urban environments and noise-sensitive spaces. 

Are they suitable for any space?

The unique telescopic boom of the Teletruk range provides ultimate space-saving ability, with a low 2.2m cab height to load and unload inside containers and trailers.

And when it comes to safety, your visibility and control are enhanced within any environment thanks to the Unique Load Motion Control feature.

Are they comfortable to operate?

The latest CommandPlus cab provides superior comfort throughout your day, so you can stay as productive as possible.



How does charging work?

The electric telescopic forklift range comes with a variety of lead acid batteries tailored to specific customer duty cycles. Complete a full 8 hour shift off a single 415V 3 phase charge. And if you need multiple batteries for multiple shifts, the batteries are interchangeable in as little as 2 minutes. 

More benefits of going electric with JCB

  • Reach for greater productivity
  • With its unique telescopic boom, small turning circle and single side loading ability, you can do more work, inside and out.
  • Reach for increased efficiency
  • Complete a full day's work on a single charge, and save time, space, and money with the unique telescopic boom.
  • Reach for enhanced safety
  • The Load Motion Control system fitted as standard prevents the machine tipping forwards by cutting out the hydraulics when lift capacity is reached, giving operators and business owners full peace of mind.
  • Reach for unrivalled visibility
  • The side-mounted Telescopic boom design provides best-in-class 360 degrees visibility for enhanced on-site safety, as well as precision control to make any environment safer.
  • Reach for greater sustainability
  • The electric Teletruk produces zero emissions at point of use, meaning it can work efficiently both indoors and outdoors, for a range of industries and applications.
  • Reach for complete versatility
  • The unique quickhitch system allows operators to quickly change between multiple attachments hydraulically from inside the cab, making the electric telescopic forklift truly a multi-functional machine.

The types of electric forklifts available from JCB

The JCB E-TECH range of electric Teletruks includes the 30-19E and 35-22E, each built to withstand the pressures of an industrial environment.

Take a look at the specifications below.

Model 30-19E  35-22E 
Lift height   4,000mm 4,000mm 
 Lift capacities  3,000kg 3,500kg 
 Capacity at 2m  1,900kg 2,200kg 
 Aux hydraulics flow  2 x 70 l/min 2 x 70 l/min 
 Travel speed  18kph 18kph 
 Turning radius  2,550mm 2,590mm 

Electric forklifts for waste applications

Also in the E-TECH range is the JCB Teletruk Electric Wastemaster, designed specifically for waste applications. It offers:

  • Heavy-duty bodywork and wheel motor protection to defend against debris and reduce downtime.
  • Maximum lift capacity of 3,500kg to a height of 4m
  • Enhanced protection and visibility to reach new heights of safety
  • Adaptability between forks, rotators, clamps or buckets in 30 seconds. 

Ready to welcome the future of electric forklifts?

From lowering your carbon footprint to improving your productivity, there are many advantages to electric forklifts - which makes it no surprise that more and more businesses are choosing to go electric over the diesel alternatives.

At JCB, our pioneering range of E-TECH machines are designed to help you work in any environment while reducing your harmful emissions.

To find out more about how you can welcome a more sustainable future, visit our industrial forklifts page to receive a personalised price.