Introducing ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46

At JCB, we don’t just claim better performance – we prove it.

Engineered to meet JCB's best-in-class standards, JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 delivers excellent efficiency, component protection, and productivity for your JCB machine. Through thousands of hours of performance testing and millions more operating in the field, JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 has proven itself a performance-boosting product across the board.

Part of our wider ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid range, this JCB lubricant is designed to support the seamless operation, functionality, and durability of your machine – job after job, season after season.

JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 20L

Better productivity

We know that in any industry, time is money. That’s why, as a proven productivity booster on-site, JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 brings real cost savings to businesses.

During a carefully controlled machine trial, JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 went head-to-head with a leading competitor hydraulic machine lubricant under identical parameters and testing conditions. The results were definitive. JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 moved up to 14% more tonnes of earth per hour compared to the competitor OEM’s genuine hydraulic fluid on the same job.*^

Better hydraulic wear

JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid safeguards your machine against premature component ageing and failure.

In industry standard testing, designed to assess the amount of hydraulic wear on pump equipment, this hydraulic fluid exceeded expectations. During the 250-hour test, our hydraulic lubrication oil demonstrated 65% less combined wear on the vane and ring of pumping equipment compared to the industry accepted limit.^

Better fuel efficiency

Better fuel efficiency means reduced spending, so our hydraulic oil and lubricants deliver optimised fuel performance and cost savings in one.

During our controlled machine field trial, we compared JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 with a leading competing hydraulic oil lubricant in identical conditions. JCB ADVANCED Hydraulic Fluid 46 outperformed the competitor OEM’s genuine hydraulic fluid, delivering up to a 11% reduction in fuel consumption in the same testing cycles.*^

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*Productivity and fuel efficiency claim comparison was obtained in a single fully controlled field trial comparing JCB Advanced Hydraulic Fluid 46 against a leading competitor OEM hydraulic fluid.

^ Actual performance will depend on many factors including environmental and atmospheric conditions, machine type, duty cycles, general servicing and maintenance, machine age and other conditions