Dual purpose protection

Defend against corrosion with a solution bespoke to JCB

Why is corrosion protection important? To secure the longevity of your equipment. JCB care demands more than an off-the-shelf product, so BoomTec has been exclusively developed to deliver JCB-level lubrication across all telehandler and telescopic models. 

  • 70,000 hours of global endurance testing
  • 17% better friction co-efficient than other telehandler boom grease
  • 160 emulsion formulations tested in development

Boomtec lubricant for Parts/Service customer support

Double the defence

How does lubrication prevent corrosion? Our telescopic boom grease has been developed exclusively for JCB to protect and defend, acting as that vital barrier between parts.

  • 17% better co-efficient of friction compared to 40 off-the-shelf products.
  • One of the best lubricants to prevent metal corrosion.
  • A wax product expertly formulated to act as a boom grease.

Tailored to your machine

JCB care is essential to get the most from your machinery - and our BoomTec formula is designed to provide outstanding protection.

  • Made bespoke to JCB.
  • A lubricant designed specifically for rust protection.
  • Recommended for Loadall, Backhoe Loader, Teletruk & Earthmover applications.

Tried and tested

Thanks to the rigorous JCB testing process, you can be sure BoomTec is a machinery lubricant that delivers optimum performance.

  • 70,000 hours of global endurance testing.
  • Proven across agricultural, construction and industrial applications.
  • 160 emulsion formulas tested to guarantee correct coverage.

The size to suit you

How to grease a telehandler boom depends on your machinery and requirements, so BoomTec is available in two sizes to suit varying applications.

  • 450g and 5kg tubs.
  • 450g: direct application with a paintbrush recommended for 1 boom.
  • 5kg: direct application with a roller and tray recommended for 8/9 booms.

A planet-friendly solution

BoomTec is a telescopic boom lubricant created with green credentials, because JCB is committed to looking after the planet we help to shape.

  • An environmentally friendly formulation.
  • 99% reduction in VOCs content.
  • Reducing pollution in our atmosphere.

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