JCB Grease Range

A range of products in various pack sizes to suit all machine applications.

Specially formulated greases for use with JCB Breakers. A selection of accessories for the safe handling and application of JCB greases.

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JCB Special HP Grease

JCB Special HP Grease is premium quality extreme pressure grease, recommended for use in rigorous operating conditions, such as high temperatures, excessive loading and extensive exposure to water.

The sophisticated additive package, combined with excellent adhesive properties gives high performance protection to hard working automotive, industrial, agricultural and earthmoving equipment, all year round.

  • Industry leading 450Kg four ball weld load capacity.
  • Now available in 500g screw thread cartridges for use with the JCB MULTI GUN.
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    JCB Special MPL-EP Grease

    JCB Special MPL-EP Grease is a true multi-purpose, cost effective grease recommended for a wide range of lubricating duties.

     JCB Special MPL-EP Grease is suitable for all anti-friction and plain bearings that are subjected to high load conditions.

  • Suitable for 250 hours greasing interval.
  • 160°C operating temperature range.
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    JCB Grease for Hydraulic Breakers

    JCB offers 3 types of specially formulated grease for use with the range of JCB breakers:

    JCB Special Hammer Grease 
    JCB Special Hammer Grease is recommended for small and medium sized breakers. JCB Special Hammer Grease is a highly effective lubricant on slow moving components and provides excellent corrosion resistant properties.                                                                               

    JCB Extreme Performance Hammer Grease
    JCB Extreme Performance Hammer Grease is specifically designed for use with large breakers. JCB Extreme Performance Hammer Grease features a unique aluminium complex grease which is ideal in situations where resistance to water is critical. 

    JCB Autogrease
    This grease is for use only with the JCB AUTOGREASE system fitted to the JCB Large Breaker range. Specially designed cartridges screw into the AUTOGREASE system on the breaker housing. JCB AUTOGREASE cartridges are clear to allow the operator to monitor grease levels.

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    Grease Guns & Applicators

    JCB offers a comprehensive range of Grease Guns and Applicators to suit your machine maintenance needs.

    JCB now offers the all new JCB Multi Gun greasing system incorporating twin handles for added comfort and a vacuum system providing the ability to use multiple grease cartridge options. Clean, easy to handle and with minimal waste, the JCB Multi Gun makes your life easy and ensures that you get the best uptime from your investment.

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