Excavator Pallet Forks

JCB Excavator Pallet Forks are the latest addition to the JCB Attachments Forks range. This new set of pallet forks is suitable for 13 and 22 tonne machines with quick hitch. With the intelligent "dumbbell" style pin design, it is possible to quickly change the machine fitment of the JCB Excavator Pallet Forks by changing just two pins, whilst keeping the same brackets.


  • Compatible with 65 mm and 80 mm pin size quick hitches
  • Floating forks to enable easy transport in a folded position
  • Featured on the rear of the floating forks is a retention plate that fits into a serrated plate on the frame. This acts as an anti-slew lock for the forks, preventing them from moving during machine operation.


Fork width
50 - 1050 mm
Fork Length
1200 mm
424 kg

2000 kg of rated capacity