A tree-mendous investment

CGF Services X Series

A Scottish forestry operations and groundworks specialist has hailed two JCB 150X HD tracked excavators which have brought a root and branch transformation to its fleet.

Colin Forster set up CGF Services in 2016, after 30 years’ experience in the agriculture and forestry sector. The company now employs six experienced operators, including his son. Colin and his team provide outstanding forestry services across Scotland and the UK.

He has recently invested in a pair of JCB 150X HD excavators which are paving the way for a wind farm project in Forth, Central Scotland. The two JCB diggers are being used to create a safe access path and work area for the tracked drilling rigs to enter and drill on. This will enable site exploration work to be undertaken to establish the ground conditions and viability of installing a further 12 turbines to bring additional power to the existing turbine operation and grid.

Fantastic first impression

As the owner of a successful, growing business, Colin recognises the need to invest in new machinery to continue to meet and exceed the expectations of his diverse customer base. After first testing the JCB 150X HD at Scot JCB, Colin knew it would be a worthy addition to his fleet.

Owing to the nature of the company’s work, they needed a machine that was compact and able to function in tight spaces, yet one that was also powerful and durable enough to manage some of the most demanding conditions found in forestry applications. 

The 150X HD, with its Stage V DIESELMAX engine tested across the toughest environments, and power boost button for extra demand, fitted the bill perfectly. That power boost function increases pressure by 99% for up to 9 seconds providing the extra tear out force needed for the extremes of tree removal.

CGF Services Owner Operator Colin Forster said: “Some say initial impressions are lasting impressions, and that was the case with the JCB 150X HD for me. As soon as you sit in the extremely comfortable cab, fire up the fuel-efficient engine, and feel the smooth hydraulics I immediately knew it was the machine for us. It’s the full package and undoubtedly one of the best in the market.

“Those positive first impressions proved accurate so we placed an order with Scot JCB for a second machine within six months. The 150X HDs have performed brilliantly, the service and support from Scot JCB has been excellent, and we are enjoying lower operating costs. The 150X HD is sipping fuel at an average of just 8.2lph and AdBlue usage is surprisingly low too. We also received a very good warranty package built into the service agreement, so that we have fixed costs for the next 4 years.”
CGF Services X Series
Sitting in the cab of this 150X HD, it is like night and day compared to other diggers, as it offers superior comfort. It's just like sitting in your armchair at home.
Unrivalled comfort

For an operator, who spends their days behind the controls, comfort is paramount and intelligent business owners understand that by investing in your operators’ comfort and satisfaction levels you can help to maximise productivity onsite. Happy operators mean happy customers. Which is why the JCB 150X HD has been such a solid investment for Colin.

The JCB 150X HD CommandPlus cab has been designed with the operator in mind and features an industry-leading Grammer seat as standard, boasts double cushion viscous mounts to help deliver low in-cab noise of 67dB(A) and the powerful HVAC, with 11 vents, provides optimum performance in both hot and cold environments. Perfect for the tough weather conditions Scotland enjoys year-round.

CGF Services Operator Kieran McDairmant said: “Sitting in the cab of this 150X HD, it is like night and day compared to other diggers, as it offers superior comfort. It’s just like sitting in your armchair at home and this machine has been absolutely faultless over the last 8 months.

“Digging wise, it’s got plenty of get up and go about it, as we do a lot of mounding and restock mounding work, and with the twin hydraulic pumps, it’s got plenty of power to run our mulching head attachments. We are also considering a new concept of an auger type machine for grinding up tree stumps and it will also benefit that. 

“The 150X HD is able to straddle over tree stumps and a longer track frame gives good low ground pressure performance sitting on these 600-millimetre-wide track pad. The long heavy-duty undercarriage also offers much greater stability, particularly when slewing over the side when you have a hefty tree gripped in the saw or sheer grapple.”      

The Perfect Partners

CGF Services are adept at undertaking specialist work in arduous conditions and need machinery that can stand up to the elements with the power to handle their heavy duty attachments. With their durability, versatility and excellent power to weight ratio, this pair of JCB 150X HD models are the perfect partners to help this growing company continue to reach those tree-top heights.