Loads more power.

The 413S AGRI has a Stage V JCB DieselMax 4.8 litre engine, producing an impressive performance with 112kW (150hp) of power; up 4% on our previous model, and 600Nm of torque; up 7%. It also weighs under 9 tonnes giving it a huge power to weight ratio. With a unique 6-speed transmission and unbeatable cab comfort and visibility, the 413S AGRI is one highly productive machine, capable of tackling most jobs on any size farm.



The 413S AGRI is incredibly productive. Delivering 150hp, and weighing under 9 tonnes, it has a huge power-to-weight ratio of 16.8hp per tonne for loads more pushing, climbing and roading performance.

  • Unique 6-speed transmission provides closer gear ratios for better acceleration, hill climbing and roading performance.
  • Specify your perfect loader arm: HT for parallel lifting and multi-attachment work. High lift for high-up applications like spreader and feeder loadings.
  • Powerful hydraulics result in fast cycle times.
  • Choose from manual or automatic gear shifting at a press of a button.
  • With a choice of axle options, you can tailor performance to any application.


A wheel loader is a key part of any farm’s process. That’s why we’ve built in loads more quality and reliability into the JCB 413S AGRI. The processes we’ve used to design, test and manufacture them will safeguard your working process, hour after hour, day after day.

  • Rig testing of up to 1 million cycles, to ensure superior structural strength.
  • Cold cell testing guarantees starting performance down to -20 degrees.
  • The articulation joint has a heavy-duty centre pin and oversized bush.
  • A solid cast rear counterweight protects the rear.
  • Integral steel fluid tanks for the ultimate in leak protection.


The JCB 413S is built to move loads more material for less. We’ve achieved this by designing the engine, axles, driveline and hydraulics to work in harmony with each other, for more efficient working and lower cost of ownership.

  • Stage V JCB DieselMAX engine produces high levels of power and torque at engine speeds as low as 1500- 1600rpm.
  • Wheel speed braking for heat and drag reduction plus improved fuel economy.
  • Viscous coupled engine fan automatically adjusts its speed to optimise cooling and save fuel.
  • A auto engine shutdown feature saves fuel by switching off the engine when the machine is left idling.


The JCB CommandPlus cab is one of the best cabs on the market, providing an optimal control layout and driver position. This gives loads more comfort and visibility, enabling even greater operator productivity.

  • High central driving position provides great all-round visibility.
  • The B-pillars are positioned at the same width to the rear of the cab, providing a large interior with a superb panoramic front windscreen.
  • Two full colour LCD screens to navigate operating menus, with one doubling as a monitor for the rear view camera.
  • End damped steering for smoother steering from lock to lock.
  • Fully customisable automatic work lights engage when reverse is selected.


The 413S AGRI is designed to keep the operator and your worksite safe at all times.

  • Our optional rear-view camera displays an unobstructed rearward view on the in-cab colour monitor.
  • Superb visibility in dark conditions is guaranteed with JCB’s optional LED worklights.
  • Access steps on the 413S are inclined and equally spaced, complemented by well positioned grab handles for three points of contact at all times.
  • The cab is isolator-mounted, compliant with ROPS/FOPS standards, and positively pressurised against dust.

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