Twin or Single Bale Spike

JCB Attachments offer single and twin bale spikes for efficient handling of bales.

JCB's Single Bale Spike allows for efficient handling of round bales. The lower tine prevents rotation of the bale. JCB's Twin Bale Spike offers safe and effective handling of two round bales or a singular rectangular bale up to 1,200mm x 1,200mm x 2,500mm.

  • Width 600-1920mm
  • Weight 80-140kg
  • Bales Handling Round or Rectangular
Application Shot

Product Attributes

Removable tines so that it can be used as a single or twin bale spike

  • Sold as a universal hanger with optional bolt on brackets* (to be ordered separately)
  • Bolt on tines for safe transportation and replacement if worn or damaged