403E Wheel Loader

The JCB 403E Wheel Loader delivers less noise, less maintenance, less vibration, less hassle, a new cab loader option and all with less pollution.

Part of the E-TECH family, this brand new zero-emission electric wheel loader produces no engine noise, making it ideal for use in noise sensitive areas. Combined with its compact size, the 403E is perfect for working indoors, underground or in other enclosed spaces. Plus, with a payload of over 850kg, it provides excellent lift performance for such a small machine.

Plus, the new wheel loader cab option offers additional features to provide operators with greater comfort and safety on the job.

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403E Wheel Loader Product Overview

0% Interest Hire Purchase over 3 years on new JCB 403E Agri Compact Wheel Loading Shovel

Take advantage of this 0% Interest Hire Purchase offer on selected models of new JCB Wheel Loaders. Available on a 3+33 month payment profile on machines ordered between 01.07.2024 & 30.09.2024 and delivered by 31.12.2024 via participating dealers.

This offer is subject to a maximum advance. A deposit and full VAT amount or VAT difference is payable at the time of signing the Hire Purchase agreement. A documentation fee is payable with the first payment and a £50+VAT option-to-purchase fee will be collected together with the final payment; these amounts are payable on all Hire Purchase agreements. Asset(s) on the agreement may be repossessed if you do not keep up with the repayments.

These offers are subject to availability while stocks last. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

Model Maximum Advance 3 +33 monthly payments from

403 Agri (Diesel)

403E Agri (Electric)

 £25,000 £694.44 
419S/435S/457S £80,000  £2,222.22



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Less is more with our new cab

With the additional option of a brand new, enclosed cab space, the JCB 403E provides superior safety and increased comfort so operators can keep working at peak performance all day long.

Less hassle

Our new cab system provides even more comfort than ever before with the ultimate protection from the elements and a pre-heated feature. So the weather can stay outside while your operators stay warm inside. 

Less noise

Upgrade to this superior cab for an enclosed environment that lets less external noise in than ever before. So that your operators can work in peace, whatever's going on outside the cab.

Less pollution

With all businesses needing to meet sustainability targets, this new closed wheel loader cab environment is here to help you use less energy and reduce pollution.

Less noise

Because our new compact wheel loading shovel is electric, you will notice a lot less noise when you work. You’ll be able to hear yourself think and even talk to your colleagues without having to shout. So, sit back and enjoy a quiet day at the office.

  • With no mechanical diesel engine, there’s minimal engine noise, meaning this electric loading shovel can be used in noise sensitive areas.
  • With less noise, the operator can communicate with people around them which leads to safer, more efficient ways of working. 
  • Increases productivity as reduced noise means operators experience less fatigue. 

Less maintenance

With no engine, the new 403E has very little maintenance. In fact, the electrical components, batteries, and motors are maintenance free. That’s a lot less cost for you.

  • The lithium-ion battery requires no maintenance, resulting in less downtime on daily checks and less time and money spent on engine consumables. 
  • JCB Livelink as standard allows the user access to full machine telematics for no extra cost.
  • High quality core components provide a reliable and durable machine, alongside batteries which come with a manufacturer 5-year warranty.

Less vibration

Another benefit of electric machines is they have minimal vibrations.

  • No mechanical engine means almost no vibration, ensuring the operator environment is a comfortable place to work.
  • With less vibration of internal parts, wear-and-tear is significantly reduced.
  • Increases productivity as, with less vibration, operators experience less fatigue. 

Less hassle

The new 403E all electric wheel loader comes with an on-board charger and associated plugs. These allow you to simply plug your machine into the normal household grid or CEE socket when you need to charge the battery (charge leads included as standard). When using the optional fast charger, just use a 3-phase supply.

  • The on-board battery charger enables flexible charging. Plus, this machine has a battery charge time of 2 hours (0-100%) on rapid charge and battery run time in excess of 4 hours. 
  • The interactive display provides a range of machine health information, and the rotary controller allows the operator to select various machine performance parameters. 
  • The 403E uses the same charging cables as the rest of the JCB E-TECH range, so you can use the same cables for the whole of your electric fleet.

Less pollution

Like all our electric machines, the 403E has zero emissions. That means you can work anywhere, including indoors, without harmful fumes. That’s good for you, good for your co-workers, and good for the planet.

  • With zero emissions at point of use, the 403E produces clean air providing the ability to work in closed environments.
  • The 403E produces no exhaust fumes or pollution, meaning no fume extraction systems are required and resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. 
  • This model has 3 work modes: Roading, Dynamic and Precision. This allows for greater control of performance, depending on the task in hand, whilst conserving battery power as it only uses the energy it needs.

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