Introducing the JCB 145XR Reduced Tailswing Excavator

The latest addition to our JCB X Series, perfect for your next space-restricted job.

Building on the strong reputation of the 140X, our engineers have designed the 145XR to achieve minimum swing and maximum space. This 15-18 tonne tracked excavator delivers the performance you need, all in a compact design with an ultra-tight slewing radius. Perfect for working in tighter areas, you can count on the 145XR to deliver power and ultimate operator comfort on your next space-restricted job.

145XR Reduced tailswing X series excavator

Making the most of JCB UX

The JCB 145XR excavator comes integrated with JCB UX, our innovative operator user experience solution designed to enhance all-round convenience, comfort, efficiency, and control.

  • With multiple personalised profiles that you can easily transition between and a customisable climate control system, JCB UX means you can have your machine, your way.
  • JCB UX is here to make life easier with a simplified attachment selection, an easy-to-connect phone sync system, and a consistent interface across machines.

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Extreme strength

Harness the power of this tracked excavator to tackle the toughest challenges in the tightest spaces.

  • 81KW Stage V engine is guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance. 
  • Built with state-of-the-art hydraulic components to deliver precise and efficient control.
  • Achieve maximum power output at a reduced 1700 RPM, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%, minimising running costs.
  • The larger bucket cylinder increases bucket tear out by 13%.

Extraordinary attention to detail

The 145XR is engineered to ensure high performance is paired with ease of use, right down to the smallest detail.

  • LED service bay lighting makes daily checks and servicing more convenient.
  • Anti-slip treadplates and ergonomically positioned grab handles ensure that the operator can safely access the upper structure of the machine.
  • Designed to only need two daily checks on accessible parts of the structure for safer, faster startup times.

Excellent control

This JCB tracked excavator puts the operator in ultimate control with a range of personalised features and settings.

  • Customisable joystick controls allow operators to set preferences like wiper control, radio mute, and more without having to let go of the joysticks. 
  • Quick key lets operators easily swap between up to 15 attachments.
  • Easy-to-read 10" touchscreen display with rotary control option. 
  • JCB UX allows custom profiles for hotkeys, attachments, lights and more, and the master profile lets you lock down settings for other operators.

Superior comfort

Whatever the weather outside, operators will remain comfortable in the 145XR cab, designed to make life easier on site.

  • High definition twin cameras are fully integrated into the UX display as standard, with optional 360° camera for total visibility. 
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface shows fuel remaining, used, average consumption, AdBlue level, and more.
  • Dual trip meters help track fuel usage and service hours.
  • Customisable seat, climate control and ergonomic layout boost comfort and reduce operator fatigue.
  • One of the quietest cabs on the market.

Cost-saving efficiency

Designed to be durable, the JCB 145XR’s smart features are designed to maximise uptime and minimise costs.

  • Auto Engine Idle feature reduces fuel use when controls are inactive. 
  • This excavator needs 24% fewer hydraulic filters to change over 10,000 hours to cut service costs. 
  • Longer 250-hour greasing intervals mean increased machine uptime.
  • Easy access, quality parts and extended service intervals to minimise maintenance costs.

Built to last

We’ve put this excavator to the test to make sure it’s as hardy as possible to face the wear and tear of life on site.

  • We’ve rigorously tested the 145XR to guarantee maximum strength, robustness, and durability on-site. 
  • ROPS-certified cab provides ultimate operator protection. 
  • Graphite bushings on key pivots have 250hr greasing intervals for more machine uptime.
  • 2000hr hydraulic filter change intervals on the main return, pilot, case drain, and suction strainer filters increase uptime.

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