What is JCB LiveLink Security?

Every machine owner wants to know their equipment is safe and secure – it’s the key to everyday peace of mind.

LiveLink is a JCB security offering that provides many useful features, including geofencing alerts when your machines move out of normal operating zones – so you’re never caught by surprise.

Ready to experience peace of mind and increase your control over your fleet?

9T-2 Stage V Site Dumper with 20T Excavator loading

Protecting your business with JCB LiveLink

Protect against theft-
Plant theft and vandalism costs business owners millions every year. With LiveLink, you can set out-of-hours alert and geofences for extra peace of mind. 

Protect against downtime-
Thanks to real-time location, you can identify at-risk machines and move them before it has potential to impact downtime. 

The key features of JCB LiveLink Security

Using ‘What 3 Words’, you can determine the exact location of every machine, and move them to more secure locations if they’re not in use. Plus, with the LiveLink App for iOS and Android, you’ll get security alerts sent straight to your phone, no matter where you are in the world.
Once you add your operating hours, you’ll be alerted to machines being used outside of these hours – flagging any potential unauthorised use. After all, when it comes to heavy machinery security, you can never be too careful.
Geofencing alerts for fleets allow you to set geofences around your sites and machines, and receive security alerts any time the machine is used outside of these set locations. It’s the secret to total peace of mind in plant machinery security.

Keeping your JCB machines safe

From heavy machinery security to farm machinery security, LiveLink is here to keep your assets safe. And when you know your machines are safe, you can spend less time on admin, and more time driving up productivity.


  • Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink

    Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink

    Increase uptime, reduce admin and get the metrics you need to make better decisions about your machines – learn more about LiveLink from JCB today.

  • Make fleet management simpler with JCB LiveLink

    Make fleet management simpler with JCB LiveLink

    With JCB LiveLink, managing your machines just got a whole lot easier. Stay in complete control and manage your JCB and mixed fleet more efficiently – find out more about LiveLink today.

  • Increase your uptime with JCB LiveLink

    Increase your uptime with JCB LiveLink

    Make maintenance planning simpler with the uptime-increasing features of JCB LiveLink – available for all your JCB machines. Find out more now.