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From monitoring fuel consumption and operating more efficiently, to improving machine value – learn how LiveLink can reduce your costs.

When we speak to customers we hear the same three pressures on every business, regardless of industry. A growing global population means we must grow more food and build more infrastructure to support our communities. Reduced resources – less land, less water, fewer trained individuals, and constrained supply of materials is pushing Inflation to record levels, forcing costs up and more attention to the bottom line. And on top of this, a new drive to be more sustainable than ever before. Ultimately these three things mean we must all be more efficient and seek to achieve more, with less. LiveLink makes more possible.

What is JCB LiveLink?
LiveLink is JCB's innovative telematic solution that allows you to remotely manage your entire fleet. With LiveLink, you can gain real-time insights into the location, performance, and the safety of your machines, ensuring complete control and peace of mind. It comes standard with almost all JCB machines and includes a 3 or 5-year subscription.


So, how can LiveLink help reduce your costs?

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Fuel efficiency
One of the major expenses for any machine is fuel. With LiveLink you can accurately record fuel usage and add your own fuel price to ensure data is tailored to you. Generate fuel reports that offer insights into which assets, product groups, or sites consume the most fuel and begin to understand why. This information allows you to take data driven action to reduce fuel waste, and operational costs.

Utilisation reports
Understanding whether your machines are operating efficiently is essential, particularly when it comes to fleet management. LiveLink’s utilisation reports monitor working and idle time. Reducing idle time not only aids productivity but lowers fuel costs too, which over time will contribute to significant savings, from both a productivity and financial perspective. That’s not to mention the cost of operator time and increased services, due to unnecessary idling. 

Machine security
LiveLink's JCB security features include geofences, out-of-hours alerts, and tamper alerts to prevent against theft and unauthorised use. Improving your heavy machinery security reduces the possibility of loss and in turn, costs associated with stolen or damaged machinery. These tools also ensure equipment is only used when it should be, reducing the risk of incidents or the cost of unauthorised use. 

Safe working environments 
Safety is paramount in any industry. LiveLink monitors operational safety and provides real-time alerts. These industry leading safety alerts create safer working environments, save on potential damage expenses, and improve machine uptime management.

Document expiry alerts
From certifications to maintenance reports, upload any documents against your machines, ensuring you never lose important paperwork again. Better yet, add an expiry date to get alerted 7 days before, to keep everything up to date and reduce the likelihood of avoidable downtime. 

Carbon footprint
Reducing your impact on the environment is more important than ever and with CO2 reporting, LiveLink monitors it for you. For more accurate reporting, set your own CO2 conversion factor. Monitoring this will help reduce your environmental impact and the costs associated with unnecessary fuel consumption. Plus, save time and money when it comes to business reporting, which is increasingly becoming a business requirement. 

Actionable health alerts 
Receive real-time health alerts and get notified to upcoming services. JCB’s dedicated uptime centres and global dealer network receive proactive health alerts to stay one step ahead of downtime. This machine uptime software is designed to flag issues before they become costly problems. Not only does this prevent downtime, but also helps maintain the lifetime value of your JCB machines.

Are you making the most out of your LiveLink account? Talk to your local JCB dealer today to ensure your machines are connected to JCB LiveLink or login to your account below. 

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  • Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink

    Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink

    Increase uptime, reduce admin and get the metrics you need to make better decisions about your machines – learn more about LiveLink from JCB today.

  • Make fleet management simpler with JCB LiveLink

    Make fleet management simpler with JCB LiveLink

    With JCB LiveLink, managing your machines just got a whole lot easier. Stay in complete control and manage your JCB and mixed fleet more efficiently – find out more about LiveLink today.

  • Increase your uptime with JCB LiveLink

    Increase your uptime with JCB LiveLink

    Make maintenance planning simpler with the uptime-increasing features of JCB LiveLink – available for all your JCB machines. Find out more now.