JCB LiveLink Asset Tag

Total tracking. Complete control.

With the JCB LiveLink Asset Tag, you can now track the location of any attachment and other non-powered assets, no matter the size, function, and brand. 

Using the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the new asset tag tracking device links seamlessly into the JCB LiveLink system so that it can be viewed, alongside other machine data, altogether in one place. Meaning you gain greater control over your non-powered assets, accessories, and attachments (breakers, planers, sweepers, buckets, dumpsters, powerpacks). For more efficient, streamlined asset management and equipment tracking. 

LiveLink Asset Tag attachment 1

How does the LiveLink Asset Tag work?

The BLE Asset Tag (Bluetooth Low Energy tag) can be fitted to any attachment or asset, using bolts or adhesives. It then transmits a Bluetooth signal once every 10 seconds to any connected device (if within 800m line of sight) to show the Asset Tag location. To ensure security, this location will only be visible in the LiveLink account the tag tracking device has been registered to.

LiveLink Asset Tag features

Tracks everything, all in one place
Log in to your JCB Asset Tag account to see a full stock inventory, so you can visualise all your equipment, which site each asset is on, and which are being utilised. Additionally, ensure nothing is left behind by easily monitoring where assets are being left after a job has been completed. Gain increased visibility and control of all your assets, regardless of size, function, and brand. 

Utilises long distance Bluetooth communication
This BLE tag communicates with the LiveLink system within a range of 800m (line of sight). The item will then be visible alongside other machine data. 

Gives long term peace of mind 
The JCB Asset Tag’s self-contained unit lasts for four years + battery life. Designed to be long lasting for non-powered assets.

Quick and easy to install  
With no wiring required, the JCB Asset Tag for tracking is ideal for non-powered assets. It’s quick easy to install using two methods of attachments (bolts or adhesive), depending on preference, and can be easily interchanged.  

Rated to IP69K*  
This rating ensures your JCB LiveLink Asset Tag is strong and durable, to match the rugged outdoor and industrial use of your equipment, with protection dust, heat, and water. 

Integrates seamlessly with JCB LiveLink
Connects seamlessly into LiveLink for a full fleet and asset tracking solution.

Discreet, compact & light weight
The compact design of this Bluetooth tracking tag allows you to discreetly attach a range of asset tracking tags to a breadth of different applications, regardless of asset size.

Designed to work well with

Due to its compact design, the JCB LiveLink Asset Tag is designed to help you track all your equipment and attachments, regardless of size, brand or function, powered or non-powered equipment.

Why choose JCB’s LiveLink Asset Tags?

At JCB, we’ve been pushing boundaries since 1945. In fact, our story is one of innovation, ambition, and sheer hard work. As a result, we’ve gone from small beginnings to the global force in manufacturing we are today, and we’ve never stopped innovating along the way.

It was this drive that enabled us to produce our JCB LiveLink system, which provides everything you need to keep track of your fleet all in one place. And now, we’re thrilled to have delivered the JCB LiveLink Asset Tag, which integrates with the LiveLink system for a comprehensive asset tracking solution.

Of course, with our customers at the very heart of our business, there’s no end to what we can achieve. But rest assured, when you buy with JCB, you get our world-class support, 24/7, 365 days a year, as standard.

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  • Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink

    Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink

    Increase uptime, reduce admin and get the metrics you need to make better decisions about your machines – learn more about LiveLink from JCB today.

  • Reduce your costs with JCB LiveLink

    Reduce your costs with JCB LiveLink

    From monitoring fuel consumption and operating more efficiently, to improving machine value – learn how LiveLink can reduce your costs.

  • Make fleet management simpler with JCB LiveLink

    Make fleet management simpler with JCB LiveLink

    With JCB LiveLink, managing your machines just got a whole lot easier. Stay in complete control and manage your JCB and mixed fleet more efficiently – find out more about LiveLink today.