Introducing JCB Raptor

The very first tiltrotator from JCB has arrived, and it promises ultimate productivity.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Hydradig 110W, the all-new JCB Raptor is a tiltrotator that helps your machine operate at its best: faster, smarter, stronger. Tilting and rotating at different angles, the Raptor is versatile enough to be used on roads and highways, forestry, landscaping, and waste. No matter the terrain, this Hydradig tiltrotator is perfectly evolved to be superior in every way.

Raptor Tiltrotator on Hydradig 110W with Grading bucket

The Raptor's Promise



With an unrivalled attachment flow rate and an extremely versatile field of rotation, the JCB Raptor is one of the fastest tiltrotators on the market.

  • Reach an unmatched attachment flow rate with the JCB Raptor, an excavator tiltrotator that supports high-flow attachments of up to 110lpm.
  • Both the Raptor’s hydraulic hoses and its high and low flow hydraulic channels run through the centre joint, so that this JCB tiltrotator enables a 360° movement of attachments.


The JCB Raptor offers superior design features without putting additional strain on your machine.

  • This Hydradig Tilt Rotator boasts best-in-class tilt torque, enhancing performance at any angle of operation - so you can achieve unparalleled productivity on site.
  • The Raptor’s unique, front-mounted cylinders allow your Hydradig to gain powerful tilt torque, all with added smoothness when operating.


The Raptor is much more than your average tiltrotator for sale – it’s smart, too.

  • Experience cab-controlled precision with the Raptor’s seamless integration with your machine’s screen and joysticks.
  • The Raptor is fitted with sensors that monitor the tilt and rotation angle, so they can be clearly viewed and controlled on the display – enabling innovative features like latching, zeroing, and limiting.
  • Using machine controls, the operator can latch the flow of hydraulic attachment on the tiltrotator, as well as control the speed and sensitivity of the tilt, rotation, and joystick steering.
  • These settings can also be saved to operator profiles, so it’s easy for multiple operators to recover their preferences. 

Safety Matters

JCB’s range of built-in features ensures that the Raptor is one of the best tiltrotators available for optimum safety.

  • A 360° view from the cab ensures excellent operator visibility, increasing on-site safety. 
  • With only one screen in the cab, operators have exceptional visibility of the tiltrotator and its attachments – ensuring both safety and precision during a job.
  • The JCB Raptor’s Joystick steering and customisable hotkeys create a safer work environment by keeping operators' hands on the controls.
  • Joystick-mounted safety controls, such as the 2-go system, Axle-Lock, and Horn, minimise operator risk.
  • The Raptor’s tilt and rotate sensors allow operators to customise the zero point of both. 
  • The operator can also limit the angle of the rotation function so that the machine will electronically stop when reaching this angle.

Increased accuracy

Use the JCB tilt rotator for your excavator to enhance precision on site.

  • The Raptor is installed with sensors that monitor the tilt and rotation angle, which can easily be viewed by the operator on the display. 
  • A width of 460mm aids visibility and accuracy when completing any job.

Increased versatility

Using this tiltrotator attachment increases your Hydradig’s versatility and productivity performance.

  • Using wrist-like movements, the Raptor tilts and rotates at different angles. This level of control ensures it can be used on different terrain, like roads and highways, forestry and landscaping, and waste.  
  • Further increasing machine versatility, the Raptor supports a range of tiltrotator attachments:

Why Choose JCB’s Tiltrotator?

Backed by 70 years of expertise and experience, the JCB name is synonymous with safety. We’re committed to manufacturing the very best, safest machinery for all industries – our all-new tilt rotator, the Raptor, is a step toward making our collection of reliable machines even more comprehensive. With 7 newly designed ‘S-type’ attachments that work in perfect harmony with the Raptor, JCB’s new tiltrotator is sure to optimise on-site productivity, versatility, and efficiency. 


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