The JCB Brush Cutter is the perfect attachment for your Skid Steer, offered in both High or Standard flow demand.

  • High speed, dual rotation blades cuts and mulches heavy brush up to 100 mm in diameter.
  • High deck clearance and unobstructed deck design prevents debris build up and improves overall performance.
  • Access ports and hinged shrouding allow for easy routine maintenance.

  • Cutting Width 1830 - 1980 mm
  • Overall Width 2160 - 2310 mm
  • Flow Demand Standard/High

Product Attributes

  • Blade-stall indicator allows the operator to monitor blade speed.
  • Heavy-duty 6 mm steel deck with reinforced side plates provide high strength and durability.
  • Stump jumper feature provides added protection to gearbox in the event of a sudden impact.