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Abbott Property Development 514-40 Loadall

A small machine is making a big difference for a Midlands housebuilding firm.

Unlike sprawling major house developments, bespoke builds and renovations can take place in the most hard to reach places. Access can be restricted, space is at a premium, yet the lifting tasks facing builders remain the same.

Abbott Property Developments Ltd – based in Leek, just 15 miles from JCB’s World Headquarters in Rocester – builds properties across Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire. One of the region’s premier construction firms, it offers the full range of services from simple alterations to bespoke prestige homes. 

Working across these largely rural counties, transporting large construction equipment to remote projects is not always possible. And even when it is, some sites are simply too confined for these bigger machines to operate. 

Compact and capable

The 514-40 is JCB’s latest and smallest ever Loadall telescopic handler. Offering greater manoeuvrability, it is the most compact and towable telehandler available. Yet with the largest cab in its class – an extra 200mm wider than its competitors – there is no compromise on comfort or safety.

Abbott Property Developments recently invested in this new machine, and it is already making a big impact. Its first role was to lift 10,000 tiles and roofing materials on to the loading platform at a new build property in The Rookery, near Kidsgrove, Staffordshire. 

The small but mighty 514-40’s next assignment was to transport building materials to another local renovation project which conventional grab lorries were too big to access.

Managing Director, Julian Abbott said: “We buy JCB Loadall telescopic handlers because they are the best on the market and this new 514-40 model continues that tradition. 

“Because it is so compact it can access all areas and we can tow it between sites. It is performing brilliantly so far. The operators find it really easy to use so we are really pleased with the machine.”

We buy JCB Loadall telescopic handlers because they are the best on the market and this new 514-40 model continues that tradition.
Mighty & manoeuvrable

The recent addition of the JCB 514-40 to their fleet underscores Abbott Property Development’s commitment to excellence. This compact telehandler, supplied by dealer Midlands JCB, is designed for maximum manoeuvrability, making it an ideal choice for projects in confined spaces.

One striking feature of the JCB 514-40 is its spacious cab. Despite the machine’s compact dimensions its full width cab is 200mm wider than its competitors, ensuring operators experience unparalleled comfort for the working day. 20% larger than its predecessor’s too, it allows excellent visibility while JCB's intuitive ergonomic controls ensure ease of operation. Furthermore, the 514-40 showcases its muscle with a best-in-class lift capacity at full height that is 12% higher than competitors.

The JCB 514-40 boasts a low maintenance 19kW diesel engine that doesn't require a complex Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or diesel exhaust fluid to meet Stage V emissions standards. With 82% shared JCB componentry, it guarantees quality, ease of maintenance, and maximum uptime.

The ability to fit through a 2m high doorway also makes it an ideal choice for materials suppliers, landscapers, event organisers, and construction rental businesses too. Moreover, it can be easily transported on a lightweight 3.5-tonne trailer behind a 4x4 or a light commercial vehicle, reducing delivery costs and increasing convenience – perfect for a firm such as Abbott Property Developments. 

Safety and convenience are top priorities, with standard features including a 50mm tow ball with 7-pin electrics, reversing alarm, road lights, the patented JCB load control system and JCB's LiveLink Lite telematic system.

The 514-40 doesn't just stop at lifting; it is a versatile workhorse on site. It comes with a lightweight tool carrier and can work with floating forks or a 0.41m3 bucket. Double-acting auxiliary hydraulics expand its capabilities allowing operators to use a range of JCB attachments. 

Keeping it local

Today’s construction sites come in all shapes and sizes. Some call for big machine performance in a compact package. Abbott Property Developments found the solution thanks to its Staffordshire neighbour, JCB. And this new 514-40 compact Loadall is making a big impact on the doorstep of the factory where it was built.