409 WHeel Loader

JCB has worked in close collaboration with Kohler to produce the ultimate Stage V compact wheel loader engine with high power and torque produced at low revs.

Combined with articulated steering and the latest design techniques and manufacturing processes, the JCB 409 is designed to lighten your load.

409 Stage V Application (3:2)


The JCB 409 is a wheel loader that promises power. This machine complies with Stage V emissions legislations but is far from compromising on performance thanks to these unique features.

  • This machine boasts an optimum power-to-weight ratio, promising high power and torque produced at low revs.
  • For ultimate traction on muddy terrain, the JCB 409 features a 100% switchable front axle diff lock.
  • Includes a high-speed option, with a top speed of 40km/h.
  • New high flow option enhances performance on loader front end, giving an additional 40 litre total: 118 l/min.


The 409 is built on a foundation of quality and reliability. The standards we've used from design to manufacture will safeguard your working process, hour after hour, day after day.

  • Strong heavy-duty centre joint which oscillates through ±10 degrees.
  • Recessed rear lights are protected within the solid counterweight casting.
  • Hydraulic hoses are well protected and positioned away from all pinching areas.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes using the finest components.


This JCB wheel loader offers great on-site versatility with several attachments and axle options to tailor your machine to different jobs and terrains.

  • The 409 is compatible with several attachments for different jobs: bucket attachments can be used for moving material, while a pallet fork attachment is ideal for moving items like tonne bags or pallets.
  • This machine has articulated steering with a built-in sideshift, ideal for pallet handling and changing wheel loader attachments.
  • Choose from multiple axle options to tailor your machine to the task at hand: open diffs are ideal for hard ground, and limited slip diffs are best for soft, muddy terrain. 
  • Our front axle diff lock offers ultimate traction on muddy terrain without damaging the ground when not in use.
  • Equip your wheel loader with our towing option to trailer loads up to 3.5 tonnes or carry rear attachments like salt spreaders. 


The 409 wheel loader aims to simplify work on-site. Its cab is simple to enter, easy to handle, and offers exceptional visibility from a central location.

  • Reduced in-cab noise levels of just 76dB.
  • A fully opening right hand window provides increased ventilation while still being protected from dust. 
  • Raised driving position provides increased forward and rearward visibility. 
  • The cab includes new right hand arm rest, ergonomically designed joystick, and soft grip steering wheel designed for improved operator working. 
  • Tilting and telescopic steering column provides easy adjustment for maximum comfort. 
  • The central dash display combines analogue dials and a colour LCD screen to show machine health, service requirements, and operating information.


This compact wheel loader features an innovative design and high-quality components that maximise the 409's working time and ensure longer service intervals.

  • Easy access to engine bay, cooling pack area, and daily check points with large single-piece bonnet.
  • Well-positioned DPF makes it easy to replace.
  • Ground level access to the cab air filter and electrical fuses is provided under the HVAC for easy maintenance.
  • The battery is easily located in a secure locking box.
  • High tolerances and accurate location of pins and bushes are achieved through precision machining. 
  • Easily stay on top of maintenance with JCB LiveLink’s display of running hours, error information and DPF status.


At JCB, safety always comes first. This JCB 409 for sale has a range of safety features built in to protect the machine, operators, and bystanders on site.

  • This machine offers three points of contact, with equally spaced access steps and well positioned grab handles.
  • Excellent visibility from the cab to ensure operator and on-site safety.
  • Non-slip surfaces protect the operator from accidents on-site.
  • In-cab, electronic quickhitch isolation system protects against uncontrolled release of attachments.
  • Features a seat switch that monitors the presence of the operator, stopping the engine if they're not detected.

JCB: Your Partner On-Site

When you choose a JCB machine, you choose a name that's synonymous with safety and backed by over 70 years of experience.

We're committed to manufacturing the highest quality, highest performing machines to ensure optimum safety, productivity, and efficiency for our customers.

The 409, as well as every other JCB machine, is simple to operate and maintain through its easily accessible components and LiveLink maintenance features - with JCB, your machine is designed to last.

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