406 WHeel Loader

The JCB 406 is a highly productive compact wheel loader with optimal power-to-weight ratio, making it a perfect tool carrier.

It's fitted with a 36.4kW engine that produces 170 Nm of torque, powering a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission and a load over height of 2991mm.

406 Wheel Loader Application (3:2)


JCB and Kohler have produced the ultimate compact wheel loader engine.

  • There are several axle options available including open diffs for for hard ground and limited slip differentials for soft, muddy terrain.
  • The 100% switchable front axle diff lock option provides ultimate traction on mud and creates no shear forces, so won't damage the ground when it's not in use.
  • Hydrostatic drive makes the 406 very easy to operate even for the inexperienced.


At JCB, we understand that a wheel loader is a key part of any on-site process.

  • We've used only the very finest engine, driveline and axle components on the 406 wheel loader, from suppliers like DANA and Bosch.
  • The 406 benefits from a strong chassis and the best possible weight distribution; this allows for optimal absorption of external forces.
  • Rear lights are recessed within the solid counterweight casting for impact protection.


JCB compact wheel loaders like the 406 are designed to make work more straight forward.

  • The JCB 406 wheel loader has a comfortable and spacious cab with noise levels lower than our outgoing model.
  • The tilting telescopic steering column is easy to adjust, and all instruments needed to operate this loading shovel are within easy reach of the seat.
  • Ergonomically designed joystick control system provides comfortable and intuitive operation.


A wheel loader needs to spend as much time as possible hard at work.

  • Large single piece bonnet ensures quick and convenient access to the engine bay and cooling pack.
  • All daily check points are easily accessed under the bonnet.
  • Simple analogue in-cab display provides running hours, fuel status and error alerts.


Because safety and security are paramount on any site, the JCB 406 is designed to protect its operators, themselves, and any bystanders at all times.

  • The JCB 406 wheel loader can be equipped with a new immobiliser option, which can help prevent thefts from your fleet.
  • Access steps are complemented by well positioned handles so that operators have three points of contact whenever they're entering or exiting the JCB 406's cab.
  • The sloping rear bonnet provides an unimpeded view, with the exhaust silencer and air intake filter both packaged out of sight.

406 Toolmaster

A JCB 406 wheel loader is a highly versatile, productive machine in its standard trim. Our toolmaster model might just be the one and only machine you need to complete a job.
With a rear-mounted hydraulic handheld tool circuit, you can operate a wealth of attachments, including breakers, pumps and disc cutters. There's no need for additional powerpacks or equipment either, which improves fuel consumption. Not only that but one person can drive the loader and operate the attachments themselves, reducing your manpower needs. 
406 Toolmaster Application (3:2)


  • Handheld tool circuit to power various attachments
  • 20 l/min circuit flow
  • High idle throttle pedal
  • Single switch operation from within the cab
  • Unique tow hitch with 3.5 tonne capacity
  • Equipped with optional LED worklights

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