Before you buy an excavator, you need to know it's going to be tough enough to perform any job you ask of it. Fortunately, with a JS180, strength and durability come as standard.

The reinforced boom and dipper is made of high tensile strength steel, with a single piece wrapper plates and internal baffle plates for long life durability. A closed box section revolving frame increases strength and simultaneously reducing stress. This also means it is highly resistant to impact damage. 

JS160 Stage V Tracked Excavator Application Image


We've made sure the JS180's componentry works in perfect harmony. Making sure to save you money as well as time.

  • The quickhitch system makes attachment changing fast and easy.
  • For ultra versatility, JCB offers a full list of auxiliary pipework options including hammer, auxiliary and low flow.
  • A massive 116kN bucket tearout and fast cycle times, the JS180 is extremely productive in all applications.


The JS180 is designed around the operator. Great comfort and ease of use equals great productivity.

  • The 7" colour multi-function display is easy to read in all light conditions, provides instant operational information.
  • An innovative low-level bonnet provides excellent rearward visibility.
  • The Advanced Tool Select feature can set up auxiliary hydraulic circuits quickly to match flow and pressure requirements of an attachment.


The JS180 has been designed to be low maintenance and easily serviceable. Making it affordable, efficient and productive.

  • The air filter on a JS180 is easily accessible, and a double-element construction simplifies cleaning.
  • The engine radiator, hydraulic cooler and intercooler can be serviced individually yet cleaned easily because they're mounted side by side.


On-site safety is crucial, so we've designed the JS180 to incorporate as many cutting edge safeguards as possible.

  • The JS180's cab is available with an integral Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) for extra piece of mind.
  • JCB's Safety Level Lock fully isolates hydraulic functions to avoid unintended movements.
  • Our 2GO system means a JCB JS180 can only be started in a safe locked position via two separate inputs.


HVO offers the potential for reduced carbon emissions in the short term.

Hydro treated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is available as a drop-in fuel for a wide range of JCB engines and can lower carbon emissions as long as an environmentally sustainable supply can be assured. 

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