Skid Steer Loaders

Whether it’s the compact 155 or the all-purpose radial lift JCB Teleskid, every model in the skid steer loader range delivers the power and productivity you need – and the comfort the operator deserves. A bigger cab, enhanced visibility and the unique single arm Powerboom make our skid steer loaders comfortably better.

The range of skid steer loaders
What is a skid steer loader? This compact, multipurpose equipment is strong enough to dig and versatile enough to take on any number of jobs with various different attachments – all on four wheels. Find out more about all the skid steer loaders for sale in the JCB range.

155 Stage V Skid Steer Application Image - 30694

The JCB 155 Skid Steer Loader

The 155 is a small platform machine with a radial lift path, this skid steer loader is ideal for all the jobs that are close to the ground. Visibility and safety are top priority in the design, so it features a low boom profile for an enhanced view of the machine’s side and the quick hitch – as well as a wide opening side door for safe entry and exit. And with the efficient 42kw, JCB Diesel by Kohler engine providing the power, it delivers the cost-effective productivity you demand. Put it to work at mid-range height or ground level to see its productivity in digging and moving materials or dumping over walls. It’s a flexible piece of equipment that takes on any number of tasks on site.

The JCB 270 Skid Steer

This large platform vertical lift machine boasts a brand-new centralised tilt cylinder and higher operating capacity to take on the tougher jobs. JCB skid steers have the largest quick hitch pivot pins in the industry to achieve greater breakout force, making light work of demolition and breaker work (The 270 can also use rock saws with ease.) And thanks to its unique attachment and wide opening side door, it offers even greater visibility (60% greater than conventional twin arm machines in this category.) Trust the JCB 270 for superior strength, rugged durability, peak productivity and a performance that sets new standards in efficiency.

The JCB Teleskid 3TS-8W

Reach higher, further and deeper with the Teleskid 3TS-8W. Offering the furthest reach on the market, this unbeatable machine can access areas you would have never thought possible. Thanks to the JCB Teleskid 3TS-8W’s 3.1 metre dump height, you can load a lorry without a ramp. With the high-strength extending steel boom, you can set a pallet on the second floor then grade a site – while the forward reach of 2.4 metres allows you to reach across a retaining wall. Plus, the 3TS-8W can extend the boom 1 metre below grade, making clearing ditches – and so many more jobs – even easier. The immense possibilities of this model mean where once you couldn’t, now you can. Download the brochure to explore the full JCB Teleskid specs.

What makes a better skid steer loader?

When you choose a machine from JCB, you get a skid steer loader that outperforms the competition in so many ways. 

Comfortably better control
Inside the biggest operator environment on the market (33% larger for large platform machines), you’ll find electric and adjustable joystick controls to put you firmly in charge of your machine. 

Comfortably better visibility
The unique design of the Powerboom loader arm gives operators 60% more visibility than conventional twin arm machines – while the hi-viz models feature a low boom profile for a clearer view of the machine, quick hitch, tracks and wheels. 

Comfortably better safety
Unlike any other skid steer loader, JCB models feature a wide opening side door for safe entry and exit. This means operators can jump straight in and get started – instead of putting themselves and the job at risk by climbing over large attachments under an unsupported boom. 

Comfortably better power and performance 
As well as making our skid steer loaders safer, the enhanced visibility, side door and larger cab add up to a higher standard of productivity. But that’s not the only way these machines deliver maximum power and performance. An industry-standard quick hitch allows instant coupling for attachments on all brands; a high flow hydraulic circuit option facilitates greater attachment versatility; and the JCB Smoothride system improves load retention and speeds up the loading cycle. 

Comfortably better strength and durability
Every skid steer model strengthens JCB’s renown for creating durable machines. With a fully-welded chassis, solid undercarriage, safe internal routing from the Powerboom and the largest quick hitch pivot pins in the industry, it’s tough enough to take on every task.


Skid steer loaders: the specs you need

Take a look at the JCB Teleskid specs and the vital statistics for all our other skid steer models too.

Model 155 270 3TS-8W
SAE operating weight (no counterweight) (kg) 3121 3852 4472
Loader lift capacity with bucket (kgf) 1914 2747 2386 Retracted 1600 Extended 
Dump height (m) 2.26 2.30 2.3-3.1
Engine Power (kW) 42 55.2 55
Lift Path Radial Vertical Vertical/Radial
Travel Speed (kph) 12-18.5 10.9-20 10.9-20

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