3TE Site Dumper

With zero emissions at point of use, the new JCB site dumper is the latest in our E-TECH range to deliver the performance you need, with no compromise.

With the 3TE, you’ll enjoy many of the features of a diesel dumper, with the addition of tried-and-tested JCB battery technology that delivers the power you need on a single charge. It’s time to take advantage of the many benefits of choosing the construction equipment of the future.

3TE Site Dumper application

It’s efficient

Our electric mini dumper has zero emissions at point of use – making it perfect for indoors and noise-sensitive environments. Made with many of the same E-TECH parts you know and trust, the 3TE is the reliable dumper of the future.

  • Regenerative braking captures energy that would normally be wasted and tops up the battery.
  • Take advantage of the lower operating costs of the electric dumper over a diesel alternative.

It’s reliable

Delivering an equal hydraulic performance to the diesel 3T-2, the 3TE Site Dumper has a battery with enough capacity to last a typical working day, giving you the freedom to work anywhere, at any time.

  • Fast charge-ready for occasions where charge times are reduced or limited.
  • Lithium-ion battery offers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • IP67-rated motors for waterproofing.
  • Steel bodywork provides better resistance to damage and lowers repair costs.

It’s comfortable

Combining a modern, ergonomic operator station and low noise levels, the JCB site dumper has been designed with maximum comfort in mind.

  • Multifunction display to show battery status and all machine functions simultaneously, so you’re always in complete control.
  • Same ergonomic control layout as the 3T-2 diesel dumper, so you can work the way you’re used to.

It’s safe

The 3TE electric site dumper includes many features to keep operators, colleagues and bystanders safe. From movement alarms to fixed, non-removable batteries, all the features of this electric wheeled dumper give you the utmost in safety and security.

  • Initial movement alarm to alert pedestrians and operators nearby that the machine is about to move.
  • Drive inhibit system with two-stage process  to keep operators safe while they work. 
  • Orange Hi-Viz seatbelt for clearer visibility.  
  • Fixed, non-removable batteries for increased security.

It’s Easy

When searching for an electric dumper for sale, you need a machine that combines performance and ease of use. The 3TE provides ground level, easy access for all your daily checks – so you don’t waste any time onsite.

  • Maintenance-free battery packs and motor designed to reduce downtime.
  • Easy access battery modules from main service bonnet.
  • See your machine status remotely with JCB LiveLink, fitted as standard.


The 3TE is part of our pioneering E-TECH range – our 100% electric machines that are contributing towards a more sustainable future. Like many of the machines in the range, the 3TE electric dumper is powered by lithium-ion batteries. This technology is more advanced and more efficient than lead acid batteries, so you get a higher quality product and a higher performing machine.

One of the great benefits of choosing JCB E-TECH is that many of the products  in our electric range work in unison with each other. Compact telehandlers, a range of dumper sizes, mini excavators and more are all perfect for construction, utilities, highways and landscaping environments – making the E-TECH range a one-stop-shop for all your electric machinery needs.

Experience unmatched performance

The JCB 3TE delivers superior performance onsite, day after day. A combination of advanced lift, traction and power create  a machine that’s ready for any task – now, and long into the future. Ready to experience the all-new 3TE electric dumper from JCB?

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    JCB Electric Range

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