The optimum choice.

Introducing our RTFL Industry Plus and Pro range, featuring a 55kW Stage V engine for optimum efficiency. This provides an increased torque of 10% (440NM) and reduced fuel consumption by up to 8%.With optimum maintenance, safety, visibility and comfort throughout the range, maximum productivity is assured.

  • Lift Height 3.6m - 5.5m
  • Gross Power 55.0 Kw
  • Lift Capacity 2.6 Tonnes - 4 Tonnes
RTFL 930 Daylesford Shoot


The Stage V RTFL industry range has been designed with efficiency in-mind, to ensure maximum productivity.

  • The 55kW Stage V Engine offers an increased torque of 10% (440NM).
  • As it is able to achieve high torque at low engine revs, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 8%, for when the machine is being worked at its hardest.
  • Entering and exiting the cab can be achieved from either side of the machine due to the two door design.
  • 4wd as standard with selectable 2wd.


A design pedigree spanning over four decades means the RTFL has a low maintenance schedule, maximising uptime.

  • Anything from daily checks and maintenance to essential work can be completed from ground level, on either side of the machine due to the innovative bonnet design.
  • Long service intervals ensure maximum uptime for the machine.


This offering from JCB, boasts the same, spacious & comfortable cab from the previous machine, with exciting new features.

•  The dashboard now features a new 4” digital display along with an updated button membrane pack, ensuring ease-of-use for the operator.

•  Mechanical, air suspended or heated air suspended seating options make a full shift easy and comfortable in any environment.

•  Familiar lever controls and powershuttle gearbox give the operator precise control over the machine.



The Stage V machine brings additional features which ensure safety when in use.

  • New options such as a green beacon, white noise reverse alarm and hi-viz seatbelts have been added as optional extras.
  • Operator presence sensing is now standard on all machines, working alongside the new hydraulic isolation switch ensuring safe use.
  • 1200 Lumen LED Work lights are now an option, lighting the way when working through the night.
  • Roof, Screen and Load guards available.
  • Keypad or key immobilisers to safeguard machines at all times.