Lift more with the 558-210R and 558-260R PRO

Introducing the 558-210R and 558-260R PRO - the all new rotating telescopic handlers from JCB.

Boasting increased lift capacity, it has the strength to lift more, move more and help you get more done. And with greater standard specification, new attachment options and upgraded components, this rotating telehandler represents the next step in lifting. 

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558-260R PRO Application

All-round simplicity: storage, security and intuitiveness as standard

Ease-of-use comes as standard with every JCB machine, but we've enhanced the standard package for comfort, storage and security in the 558R PRO rotating telescopic handlers to make them even more intuitive. These upgraded features combine with simplicity in design too: the brand-new colour scheme is slick, modern and makes a real impact.

  • The new standard: enhanced storage with front chain box and side toolbox; enhanced comfort with air conditioning and heated suspension seat; and enhanced security from the built-in keypad immobiliser.
  • Simple setup with one-touch auto deploy, retract and level outrigger systems.
  • Dedicated load monitoring and machine performance display screens provide easy access to vital information.
  • The RFID attachment recognition system allows for automatic load chart selection.

All-round safety: protecting your people

Safety is paramount on every site, so we've developed the 558R PRO rotating telehandlers to add extra levels of protection. New cameras, lighting and alarms complement the pre-existing features to help operators and bystanders stay safe – and defend your investment against theft.

  • Standard safety pack now includes front and side cameras and a white noise reverse alarm.
  • LED amber beacon and LED work lights now come as part of the standard vision pack.
  • Wide door opening and anti-slip steps on all four corners to enhance stability, while the extra-large outrigger pads and mats optimise ground pressure.
  • The unique twin-lift ram lowers the boom profile to increase visibility and stability.

All-round efficiency: a machine that works harder

Like with any machine, efficiency is a key feature when considering your purchase decision – and you’ll find it in the 558R PRO models. On top of regenerative hydraulics and reduced noise and power consumption, we’ve upgraded the maintenance pack and introduced 3-year warranty as standard, so you can be sure your machine will run efficiently, for longer.

  • Standard maintenance pack now includes a grouped greasing kit on the front and rear chassis.
  • 3-year warranty lowers maintenance and ownership costs in the longer term.
  • The regenerative hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption and cycle times.
  • An electronically controlled cooling system matches the cooling fan operation to the system demands - working to reduce noise and power consumption.

All-round productivity: get more done, with less effort

JCB rotating telehandlers are designed to help you get the most out of your working day. A host of features – including the enhanced lift capacity – make work and operation faster, so you never waste a second waiting for your machine to keep up.

  • Enhanced lift capacity increases the maximum load weight to 5,800kg.
  • New-and-improved controls including easy Stop/Start and the one-touch joystick unlock button.
  • Industry-leading set-up times thanks to JCB automated outrigger deployment technology, as well as class-leading winch raising and lowering speeds.
  • 2-speed hydrostatic transmission with 40kph road speeds.

All-round versatility: one machine, multiple applications

The 558R PRO rotating telescopic handlers comes complete with the JCB Clearview Q-Fit carriage, which allows for a greater selection of attachments than ever before. Combine this with greater control and more handling options as standard, and you’re looking at our most versatile rotating telescopic handler yet.

  • Control the machine from outside the cab with the new JCB remote radio control.
  • Standard handling pack now includes fork frame and forks, and the machine is supplied ready to fit the optional man platform.
  • JCB Clearview Q-Fit carriage is compatible with a growing selection of attachments including the winch, jib winch, carriage-mounted hook, 4m extension jib, rotating forks and many more.
  • The display screen shows real-time load parameters to keep you informed at all times.

An all-rounder for every lifting task: put your rotating telescopic handler to work

With a rotating telehandler on the job, there’s no need to drive between pickup and drop-off – you can lift, extend and rotate loads into position from one fixed location to speed up the process.

This makes it ideal for use in small or confined areas where space is restricted, such as city-centre or urban sites. 

On top of these core capabilities, the 558R PRO JCB rotating telescopic handlers are also compatible with a variety of different attachments for even greater versatility. This makes them adaptable to a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Commercial construction
  • Renovations
  • Masonry, roofing and cladding
  • Facility and industrial maintenance
  • Demolition

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