JCB Pothole Pro

Cut. Crop. Clean. With one machine.

The award-winning JCB Pothole Pro is a unique 3 in 1 solution specifically designed to mechanise jobs previously done by pothole gangs and sort out repairs and large reinstatement operations. With 3 dedicated attachments to cut, crop and clean, there’s no need for additional specialist equipment or extra manpower, saving you both time and money. And with a typical pothole repaired in 8 minutes, the JCB Pothole Pro is up to four times quicker than traditional pothole repair methods, at half the cost of current solutions. All you need to do is add the tar.

Hydradig Pothole Pro Hero

JCB: A council’s ally in repairing potholes

Councils in the UK get a request to fix a pothole every 46 seconds. That’s why they’re turning to the JCB Pothole Pro to sort out pothole repairs and large reinstatement operations. With an average repair time of 8 minutes and up to a 50% reduction in daily costs, the JCB Pothole Pro is enabling councils to get through the current backlog of pothole repairs efficiently, economically, and permanently.


Pothole Pro National Contract Hire Partner

Dawsongroup emc is the UK’s leading supplier of self-drive municipal, industrial, and specialist vehicles for contract hire. The group’s team of experts work closely with customers to ensure they receive the best machines for their operation, and their first-class service and maintenance offer helps to keep fleets manageable, and more importantly, on the road.

As a JCB Pothole Pro national contract hire partner, Dawsongroup have invested in a fleet of over sixty revolutionary JCB pothole machines that are now available for rent or contract hire across the UK. 

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Cut the defect

From the comfort of the cab, you can easily adjust the 600mm planer, with hydraulic depth and tilt control to improve safety and maximise performance.

  • 600mm planer with hydraulic depth control improves operator accuracy and performance.
  • Side shifting planer can plane against the roadside curb.
  • Self-levelling provides consistency, regardless of the gradient.

Crop the edges

Maximise the life of your pothole repair with the dedicated sweeper/bucket and 400mm hydraulic cropping tool, which allow the operator to prepare a uniform hole profile that lasts. With a 360-degree tilt rotator, users can crop and repair around complexities such as ironworks.

  • Dedicated 400mm cropping tool provides a uniform hole profile that lasts.
  • 360-degree tilt rotator.
  • Crop and repair around ironworks.

Clean the hole

The 1200mm wide sweeper collector with dust suppression enables operators to prepare the pothole in a matter of minutes and collect and dump chippings, all with one machine.

  • 1200mm wide sweeper collector with dust suppression.
  • Collect and dump chippings with ease.
  • Keep used material uncontaminated for recycling.


The ideal machine for local authorities due to the excellent versatility it offers.

When the Pothole Pro is not fixing potholes, it can also be fitted with a wide range of attachments to complete a multitude of tasks from ditching maintenance to hedge trimming. It can even be fitted with forks for material handling, or a set of buckets for park and garden maintenance.


The JCB pothole repair machine is designed to work safely and efficiently in congested urban areas to protect your crew, as well as the public. Equipped with a 600mm wide planer and an integrated dust suppression system, the Pothole Pro enables operators to plane a full carriageway safely from the curb, without repositioning.

  • Unhampered 360-degree visibility.
  • 4-wheel steer for unrivalled manoeuvrability.
  • Eliminate manual working and Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

Road gang vs the JCB Pothole Pro

The Pothole Pro JCB took on a traditional road gang in a head-to-head race to fix potholes in Stoke-on-Trent, using the JCB Pothole Pro’s 3 dedicated attachments to cut, crop and clean potholes in a record 8-minute timeframe. But who won? Watch the video to find out.

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