Designed and engineered without compromise.

We were the first to move the engine, tanks and ancillaries to the chassis, making the JCB Hydradig the first for safety, stability, versatility, comfort, productivity and serviceability.  With a tailswing of just 120mm and all-round unobstructed visibility from the cab, the Hydradig 110W offers an unparalleled operator experience.

Now, we’re pleased to add the JCB Hydradig PLUS and the JCB Hydradig PRO to the range.

Building on the market leading attributes of the Hydradig, The Hydradig PLUS benefits from increased comfort and convenience with standard features such as SRS, Bluetooth Radio and reverse steer. Whilst the Hydradig PRO includes a lower chassis hitch with high flow hydraulics allowing for powered attachments including rock saws and chain trenchers to be used.

Raptor Tiltrotator and Hydradig 110W with grading bucket in Finland


Increased visibility. Safer working.

  • Best in class all-round unobstructed visibility. Low level glass allow the operator to see all four wheels plus a 1m radius around the machine at ground level from the cab.
  • High power work lights ensure 360° visibility outside the cab. 
  • JCB 2GO system as standard means you can isolate the machine’s controls when not in use, avoiding inadvertent operation of dig end functions. 
  • Tailswing of just 120mm, best-in-class over-the-side stability when lifting and a turning radius of under 4m means the Hydradig can work in confined spaces and is ideal for roadworks. 


Greater manoeuvrability. Unrivalled stability.

  • A low centre of gravity provides unrivalled stability, even when digging or lifting from the side. Lift capacity at max reach over the front of the machine is more than 1,400kg and 1000kg over the side.
  • Dig deeper with a max dig depth below ground of 4.41m. 
  • Tailswing of just 120mm allows Hydradig to work and slew in the most confined spaces. 
  • Moving the engine pumps and ancillaries to the lower structure gives the Hydradig best-in-class unrivalled stability when working in any environment.
  • Kingpost slew allows the Hydradig to operate next to parallel objects such as walls and buildings.


Tackle multiple jobs with one machine.

  • Dozer blade and stabilisers are optional on both the front and rear of the Hydradig.
  • Best-in-class machine stability allows the machine to be fitted with an extensive range of attachments to tackle a multitude of jobs. Discover all compatible attachments here.    
  • On the Hydradig PRO, lower chassis 150l/min hydraulics allow for power attachments such as planers and stump grinders to be fitted and used.
  • Control when axel lock is on or off to make roading over tough terrains trouble-free.
  • 4-wheel steer, 2-wheel steer and crab steer as standard makes manoeuvring in confined spaces around a site safe and easy. 
  • Additionally PLUS and PRO models benefit from reverse steer allowing you to manoeuvre the machine when facing backwards.


Best-in-class operator environment.

The JCB CommandPlus cab is fitted as standard on the JCB Hydradig to optimise operator comfort, featuring:

  • Integrated 7" display with rotary controls, change machine settings and view machine information at the touch of a button. 
  • Electro hydraulic controls and configurable settings to optimise precision make the Hydradig a comfortable place to be. 
  • Climate control with A/C
  • Auto idle


On the PLUS and PRO, the JCB CommandPlus cab also comes with:
  • Smooth ride system boom suspension.
  • Deluxe air suspension seat with heated base.


Moves faster. Works longer.

  • TAB boom on the Hydradig offers a deeper dig depth, a higher level of manoeuvrability and a maximum dig reach of over 8m (2.25m dipper). So you can dig, move and lift more without repositioning the machine.
  • The 157 litre fuel tank on the Hydradig wheeled excavator lasts over a full shift, meaning you can go longer times between refuelling. 
  • Class leading 40kph hydrostatic transmission enables faster, more efficient roading on and between sites, with dedicated highway mode.
  • The Hydradig PRO comes with lower chassis hitch options, so you can pick up an attachment on the lower chassis as well as the dig end, making the machine even more versatile.


Ground level daily check points.

  • 500-hour greasing on all dig end, dozer and stabiliser grease points to maximise uptime.
  • The Hydradig enables ground-level access to all daily checks and service points, eliminating the need to climb at height.
  • Ground level Diesel, Ad-blue and Hydraulic fill points, in one area on all Hydradig models.
  • 500-hour service intervals keep the machine running longer and reduce servicing costs. 


Greater compatibility. Ultimate productivity.

Integrating seamlessly with the Hydradig Pro, the all-new JCB Raptor is a tiltrotator versatile enough to be used on roads and highways, forestry, landscaping, and waste. No matter the terrain, this Hydradig tiltrotator is perfectly evolved to be superior in every way. Additionally, the entire JCB Hydradig range is compatible with a large number of attachments – so you can do more than ever before.


Still deciding which JCB Hydradig, Hydradig PLUS, or Hydradig PRO is right for your needs? We’ve made it easy for you to compare the specifications of each JCB Hydradig model below. 


Hydradig Hydradig PLUS Hydradig PRO
Max. Dig Depth (m) 4.41
Steer Modes 2WS / 4WS / Crab Steer 2WS / 4WS / Crab Steer / Reverse Steer 2WS / 4WS / Crab Steer / Reverse Steer
Max. Engine Power (kW) 81
Max. Reach (m) 7.79
Travel Speed (kph) 40
Operating Weight (kg) 11,050 12,050 13,500
Lower Structure Rear Dozer Blade Any Configuration Of Dozer Or Stabilisers Front Dozer Or Stabilisers & Rear Skid Steer Hitch
Tailswing (mm) 1200
Lower Chassis Hydraulics N/A 150L/Min Hydraulics
Lights Halogen Worklights LED Worklights

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