JCB’s rental generator range can deliver the power you need, wherever you operate. So, you can be confident that your power source is reliable, efficient, and high performing.

Providing innovative, efficient design, cutting edge engine technology, and market-leading telemetry, our generators for rent provide power from 18 KVA-150KVA. Boasting all the quality you'd expect from JCB.

  • The latest Stage V emissions. 
  • Premium design. 
  • Local service and maintenance support.  
  • Immediate parts availability. 
  • JCB LiveLink Telematics as standard. 

  • Power 18-200kVA
  • Fuel Capacity 100-468 L
  • Weight 950-2650kg
G100RS Stage V Rental Generator


Our generators for rent will significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and therefore your impact on air quality, enabling you to comply with onsite emissions restrictions and save money with minimal fuel consumption.

    • Stage V emissions-compliant engines as standard to meet legislation.
    • Stage V Engines produce 98% less particulate emissions than Stage 1 and 97% less Nox.
    • Modern fuel efficient engines.


With a heavy duty corrosion resistant steel canopy, durable bunded base with 110% overfill capacity, and heavy gauge steel 2x as thick as the market standard, you can be sure your rental generator is protected, both onsite and during transit

    • Heavy duty oversized base frame, complete with robust anchor points.
    • Oversized fork pockets with large rubber buffers.
    • Heavy-duty chain pull bar.
    • Suitable for multiple environments with protection against harsh or saline environments.
    • Extensive testing for maximum water ingress protection.


Minimal engine noise allows for around the clock operation, as well as in noise sensitive areas. Plus, a quiet site results in better communication between staff.

    • Available in either silent or super-silent versions.
    • Engine fan design optimised to deliver quiet cooling at all loads.
    • Intensive vibration analysis to minimise engine noise when in use.


JCB’s generators for rent enable customers to remain in control of their fleet with engines and alternators set up to work in perfect harmony, providing the ultimate efficiency and load acceptance.

    • Large 24-hour fuel tanks as standard or 48-hour tanks to reduce filling intervals.
    • Intelligent load management to prevent premature failures and increase machine life.
    • Automatic DEF top-up system for maximum productivity and extended run times.
    • JCB Livelink Telematics as standard for remote fleet management and optimised servicing.


With distribution panels, sockets and busbar all housed in the same place, our portable generator rental range is intuitive to use. So, you can get the power up and running quickly on any site. Plus, compact generators mean you can transport your power with ease and provide easy access to all service points for daily checks and routine servicing.

    • Takes up as small a footprint as possible.
    • Familiar and trusted controls from globally recognised companies.
    • Oversized fork pockets with large rubber buffers protect the base frame.
    • Integrated forklift pockets and fixed centralised lifting point.
    • Deep sea controller, large doors, and Plug & Play socket connections.

The right solution

To provide the most efficient power supply, from 18–770 kVA , we build our rental generators with premium engines from manufacturers like Yanmar, JCB, John Deere, Volvo, and Cummins. We recognise that every application is different, which is why the RS generator range can provide prime, standby, load share or auto start power, to provide the most flexible and versatile power. So, you’ve always got the right solution for your needs.

  • Built to last
  • Easy to use
  • Keeping you informed
  • Made to perform

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Model G18RS G40RS G100RS G150RS G200RS
Prime Power kVA (kW) 18 (15) 40 (32) 100 (80) 150 (120) 200 (160)
Total Fuel Capacity (L) 100 226 260 468 468
Fuel Consumption @ 75% of Load (Lph) 3.29 7.44 17.6 18.5 23.6
Noise - dBA @ 7m 63 67 66 68 68
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