JCB CT430-140 Vibratory Roller

Make things easy in a hard world

Built to make life on-site easier, the CT430-140 is a brand-new addition to our lineup of JCB VIBROMAX rollers. This under-5-ton vibratory roller boasts an impressively small turning radius, bringing ultimate versatility to every job. With the help of this machine, sites become more productive, smaller spaces become more manageable, and every task is made easier.


The JCB CT430-140 Compact Tandem Roller is perfect for

  • Compacting tarmac, hardcore, stone, and asphalt.
  • Road construction projects.
  • Tarmacking drives and recreation areas.
  • Work on sports courts and pitches.
  • Road repairs and patching.

Easy to use

Convenient and comfortable, this vibratory double drum roller is designed to make the operator’s life easier on site.

  • Control panel is simple and easy to use.
  • User-friendly switches can be operated with gloves on.
  • Operator stand can be accessed from either side with an incorporated grab handle and grab rail for convenience.
  • Optimally smooth operation with responsive directional drive lever.
  • Hourglass design provides excellent operator visibility of drum edge.
  • Laterally sliding seat arrangement to left & right for perfect drum edge visibility.

Easy to be productive

Crafted for optimal performance with minimal machine damage, this construction roller’s smooth operation enhances on-site productivity.

  • The 36kW JCB Diesel by Kohler engine, compliant with EU Stage V standards, ensures performance without compromise.
  • Drums have chamfered edges for a smooth finish.
  • Enhanced operator visibility is achieved as the rear drum lies flush with the chassis.
  • Pressurised water sprinkler with upward-facing nozzles for excellent water supply to the drum.
  • Increased resilience with fixed drum scrapers, reducing vulnerability to damage.
  • Reliable electrical system, safeguarded against dust and water with IP67/69 electrics.
  • Manual adjustability of the offset so operators can navigate around kerbs and ironwork efficiently.

Easy to keep safe and secure

JCB LiveLink telematics and a range of built-in safety features work together to maintain the security of your asphalt roller, for total peace of mind.

  • Secure your machine with a built-in lockable console cover. 
  • JCB LiveLink provides real-time machine location and geofencing features for operating zones and curfew alerts.
  • Key immobiliser option to enhance protection against theft. 
  • ‘Operator-present’ seat switch aids safety when mobile.
  • ROPS frame can be folded for convenient indoor storage.

Easy to service

Featuring innovative design elements for easy maintenance, the CT430-140 is a reliable and durable tandem roller.

  • A maintenance-free centre joint means no greasing time or costs.
  • Both fill points are located on opposite sides of the machine, clearly labelled, and accessible from the outside to ensure easy identification and access. 
  • Easily perform daily checks on one side thanks to a high-lift bonnet and Kohler engine installation.
  • Well-protected radiator, positioned at machine centre for easy cleaning and access to service points.
  • Plastic fuel and water tanks eliminate corrosion concerns. 
  • Machine ECU reduces the number of relays and simplifies diagnostics in case of an issue. 

Benefits of choosing a JCB machine

At JCB, we’re experts in our field. Backed by over 70 years of experience, we strive to manufacture safe, innovative machines of the highest quality. And, while choosing JCB guarantees excellent machinery, you get much more than that.

JCB LiveLink comes as standard with every machine, including our road rollers. This telematics system is designed to help you remotely manage your fleet, monitor machine performance, and get alerted to safety and maintenance needs before they become an issue.  

Compatible with your fleet

The brand-new CT430-140 is designed to work seamlessly alongside your existing machinery. This JCB tandem roller operates excellently with other compact and midrange equipment, but its versatility extends to working in tandem with our Excavators, Hydradig, Pothole Pro, and Backhoe Loaders, too. Adapting to different uses and machines effortlessly, our vibratory road roller is made to bring maximum efficiency to your site.

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